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Now that reveals have gone up (on that note: SOME OF Y'ALL WERE FUCKING SNEAKY AND ARE GOING TO RECEIVE EMAILS SHORTLY), I can post this! I was probably overthinking it but thought that a certain omission toward the end of the alphabet might tank my secret identity. To the last few recs!

Pitch Perfect; The Incredibles; The Office [UK]; Titanic; Veep; Watchmen; You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift )
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(Gif source: Tumblr, which I now have an unhealthy addiction to.)

Under single digits! Bright side: it has already been 52 days since a new episode and thus waiting for nine more is nothing. I have sympathies for people in Supernatural and Smallville fandoms; I would be punching television executives if somebody bumped the premiere of my show back a week because they wanted to air another show twice.

I found Community last night mostly unfunny and uninspired, and the episode also had a lot of really creepy aspects and I did not enjoy it at all, which was an unpleasant surprise for a show that I usually find pretty wonderful. Bones continued to make me wonder why I am still watching this show, though (despite knowing that it was coming) that thing that happened was delightfully sudden and shocking.

Glee meme day 21 -- Favorite guest star )
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I am certainly getting my wish this year, when it comes to all the time I've spent bemoaning the loss of the winters from my childhood. It is snowing again today. Again! I'm not sick of it yet, either. I probably will be once we get a for-serious storm, with a foot-plus of snow, which is really what I remember from when I was young, but for now, it's so pretty! (You would think this would be old, after living in New England for 23 winters. NOPE.)

Glee meme day 17 -- Your least favorite episode )

Glee meme day 18 -- Your least favorite character )
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Realization of the day, which I don't think is much of a spoiler but does include a mention of a song that'll be in Glee's Valentine's Day episode, so I'll put it behind a cut. )

And a question: where did the last name for Blaine that fandom seems to have settled on come from? I'm assuming there was an interview/reveal of some kind during my December [ profile] yuletide-coma, because I've somehow totally missed this.

I'm having one of those weeks where my mind is flying in about 16 directions at once with things I want to do and want to work on, but all I have the energy for is stretching out on the floor in front of the fire with my computer and skimming through Tumblr or refreshing my f-list and hoping for good fic to show up. I have apparently been here for so long that the cat thinks I'm a permanent fixture. He's currently curled up on the backs of my legs. This is not a cat that welcomes cuddles or human attention. I think he thinks I'm part of the floor.

I really, really need to sleep more.

Glee meme day 15 - A scene/moment that made you happy )

A very vital question: is there a way to do custom comments pages on Dreamwidth? I like reading things in the Porn Battle, but much to my dismay, it has shifted over to Dreamwidth. I don't mind DW, but I hate its comment pages. I really, really just want a blank white one like the LJ default. Is there a way to get that? GOT IT; I'M AN IDIOT.
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I was PARKING LOT WATCH yesterday; it's like neighborhood watch only more badass. Aka: I was really bored at my desk, which has a giant window overlooking the parking lot, and I heard a tremendous crunch and looked down just in time to see two cars -- one parked and one trying to park -- rocking back and forth after one hit the other. This is where it pays off to compulsively watch the parking lot all day long. )

That was the day's excitement. It doesn't quite beat the time that a federal agency orchestrated a drug bust in the parking lot and the agent who'd been disguised as a pizza delivery boy pulled a shotgun out of his trunk, but it was entertaining nonetheless!

I have been watching TV that is not Glee! Spoiler-free thoughts so far on Southland, How I Met Your Mother, American Idol, Bones, White Collar, Community. )

I'm experimenting with a Pandora radio station based on the prompt "Glee cast." It is uproarious. I spent half my afternoon yesterday laughing every time a new song by an eighties hair band or from a Disney movie came on. Track list. )

The rest of this post is going to be about Glee, since it's pretty much my only fandom at this point and now that they're filming again and the show is due back in a little over two weeks, there are spoilers exploding out of every possible place. AHHHHHH SPOILERS. I swear to God people who work on this show are spending more time leaking spoilers than doing their actual jobs. )

Glee meme day 14 -- A scene/moment that made you cry )

great tie

Jan. 15th, 2011 09:57 pm
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True Grit is excellent! Hailee Steinfeld looked and sounded disturbingly like a younger brunette wild wild west version of Paris Geller. She was also fucking excellent. Oh my God she was so good. I now just want to watch westerns from here to forever.

I am so ready for the Golden Globes. I mean, not ready as in "I'm familiar with the stuff that's nominated," but ready as in "I am ready to sit in front of the television in my pajamas and mercilessly critique every bit of fabric that walks down the red carpet." I love the red carpet. On the actual awards side of things, I don't actually know, like ... any of the movies that are nominated. Of all of the nominations, for everything, I've seen: Easy A, The Town, Inception, and Toy Story 3. That's it. There was a point in my life where I would watch all of the potential big-award nominees, but I'm apparently too lazy for that now.

I also don't watch a single one of the shows that were nominated for best drama (where are Southland and Sons of Anarchy? >:((( ), or most of the other shows that were nominated for things.

I am actively rooting for:

-Modern Family, Best Comedy/Musical;
-Katey Sagal, Best Dramatic Actress;
-Anyone who is not Matthew Morrison, Best Comedy/Musical Actor;
-Jane Lynch or Sofia Vergara, Best Supporting Actress;
-Chris Colfer, Best Supporting Actor

Everything else? I don't really care! And even on my list, the only one that I really want to see win is Colfer in best supporting actor. The rest would make me smile if they won, but, meh! I feel like this is a pretty un-exciting year for awards. Nothing really moves me!

In other news, I FINISHED MY CRAFT PROJECT. (Oh my God I am so dull it's amazing.) HEADBAND! )

Eons ago, I was working my way through a "30 days of Glee" meme, where I was answering the question and writing a little drabble for every day, then I quit doing everything except writing my [ profile] yuletide fic, and then I never went back to the meme. I'm going back now!

Glee meme day 12 -- the couple you ship the most )
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I am the worst sick person ever. Seriously. I don't sleep and I don't eat; I just shiver under piles of blanket and/or coats, and complain. So please pretend that I have just filled this space with vociferous complaints, because that is how I feel today.

I am, however, at work. SORRY COWORKERS. I am staying in my cubicle and disinfecting everything I touch. I felt guilty staying home when I am, in fact, mostly functional.

Glee meme day 8 -- favorite Mercedes-Kurt moment )

I would just like to point out what greeted me on my Google home page this morning.

You know, you know, that the second I move next fall, the forecasts are going to swap, right?

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One of the performances from Sectionals on Glee already leaked (web address contains a song spoiler), and I just need to say: Rachel Barbra Berry, I love you and everything absurd that you stand for.

Why is it not 5:00 yet? It is the day before Thanksgiving; everyone is leaving, including the receptionist (she has a massage to get to, she informed me). And yet I am still here. This weekend: vegan baking extravaganza + Harry Potter. FINALLY.

Glee meme day 7: your favorite Finn-Kurt moment )
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I figured out why I've been getting weird, late waves of comments on the last Glee fic I wrote: someone linked it at TVTropes. ksdfjjsdjgdkfh what is this.

So far today I have:
-Made a pretty card for a coworker
-Written congratulatory notes and drawn squiggles all over the conference room white board
-Spent 45 minutes going through old photographs with a fellow 20-something intern (he is my very favorite intern) and giggling hysterically at the hairstyles that some of our coworkers had in the 1980s
-Also spent those 45 minutes eating doughnuts and congratulating coworker on her 25-year work anniversary
-Had my annual employee review, in which bosslady & her boss told me how awesome I am and how much they love me and how bereft the office will be without me
-Gotten paid for all of this

Sometimes, work is like middle school, except awesome.

A new promo for tonight's episode of Glee leaked! It is completely ridiculous but I kind of love it anyway. Check it under the cut )

Glee meme day 6: your favorite Rachel/Finn moment )

I am mad excited for Glee tonight, guys, you don't even know. I am going to spend so much time shouting at my television screen; IT'LL BE GREAT. (Note: this is not sarcasm, seriously!) I discovered this weekend that two of my college friends -- the two who I would have least expected it from -- are huge Glee fans; way more so than me. So we irritated the hell out of everyone else by loudly bitching about season 2 and belting along (very badly) with Glee-ified Journey in the car. For the millionth time since the show started, I regretted that it began airing after I left college. It is exactly the kind of show that 15 people would have piled on to my apartment's couch to laugh and cheer and groan and throw popcorn at. Instead, I have my mom. Who I love, but who does not understand when I get excited over things (rare, but it does happen; see: the Brittana moment in "Duets"). It's not the same.

And finally, love this gallery of disaster movie money shots from io9. I have a bizarre love for Roland Emmerich's awful disaster porn films (seriously, Independence Day is my "watch while sick" movie) and so this entire list delighted me to no end.

(I have seen, like ... every single one of these movies.)
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I swear to God the Glee posts are going to get less constant once we get past tomorrow's episode; it's just that tomorrow's is the one I've been waiting for ever since I first heard somebody was cast (so -- for several months now?), and the basically month-long wait with no new episodes (the Rocky Horror episode had no plot; it doesn't count) has driven me kind of bananas. Once we see tomorrow's episode, I am going to stop wigging. Probably. Maybe.

Anyway, in the meantime, this meme seemed appropriate! It says "30 days" but it's probably going to take me longer, because I am a slow creature by nature.

30 days of Glee, thing! All of my responses will be spoiler-free safe zones. )

I have been quietly committing atrocities fic on the Glee anonymemes. They are ridiculous fics. Somebody asked for Kurt being sick and Finn being helpful, so I did that, and then somebody else asked for young!Kurt-and-Burt based off of that awesome blog that's been making the rounds, about a mother supporting her young son who wanted to be Daphne from Scooby Doo for Halloween. I sort of debated that one and whether it would be weird, then decided that if I was willing to ask for RPF for Yuletide, it was kind of silly to be freaked about writing fic based on the structure of a blog post. So I did that, too. You should definitely read the blog post that I linked, if you haven't seen it yet; I wanted to reach through the internet and hug that mom.

Excerpt from the truly special drunk blog post about the Rocky Horror episode that I am still finishing: "i'd like toe preserve you in a jar in my basement," she says. MERCEDES I WOULD LIKE TO PRESERE YOU IN MY HEART. Bad news: I cannot remember what half of this shit means ("frenching grizzly bears consider living in florida"????) so I'm going to have to rewatch that episode. I was very proud of my coherency levels when I wrote that post two weeks ago, but I am seeing now that the sober was a lie.

I've hit the point of my day where everything feels like ~*floating in dream land*~ so that's nice! I always enjoyed that aspect of pulling all-nighters in college. Also, I have figured out why I am feeling so crappy! (I am an idiot.) There's not much I can do about it, but at least I am no longer sitting here thinking terrible dramatic sleep-deprived thoughts while I Google symptoms. Added bonus: I just called my house and the answering machine picked up after a couple rings, which should, I think, mean that the power is back on! SUCCESS!
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This is where I will be on my lunch break.

Fics that are awesome:
Damnation! by [ profile] indiana_j, Sherlock Holmes, in which Mary Morstan saves the day.
And Her Ruins by [ profile] sinuous_curve, Star Trek, in which Winona Kirk refuses to be held back.
and keep your powder dry by [ profile] penknife, Star Trek, in which Gaila kicks ass.
Sync by [ profile] alicamel, Leverage, in which Parker is off-kilter and hysterical.
What It Means to Me by [ profile] bluerosefairy, Glee, in which Mercedes pulls the Glee Club together around one of its own and happily gives up the spotlight.
Blonde Ambition by [ profile] nataliadarimini, Psych, in which Juliet crushes stereotypes and then stomps on them. And arrests them.
experiment by [ profile] asimaiyat, Scooby Doo, in which Velma is not going to take girls making assumptions and trying to use her as their personal experiment anymore. (Note: HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!)
and so on and on and on by [ profile] hyacinthian, Scooby Doo, in which Daphne is completely aware of what people think about her, and it's all wrong.
Loves Makes You Grow by [ profile] rise_your_dead, Hellboy, in which Liz steps out of her fireproof room.
shoulda woulda by [ profile] moirariordan, Royal Pains, in which Divya doesn't always want to be who everyone thinks she is.
Alphabet Soup by [ profile] effie214, NCIS, in which Colonel Mann re-learns how to be Holly.
be back soon by [ profile] fangirly_joy, iCarly, in which Sam thinks that pity-for-being-in-juvie is worse than juvie itself.
Just Give 'Er by [ profile] wasabi_girl1, How I Met Your Mother, in which Robin is sick of the Canada jokes.
Trust by [ profile] nightwalker, The Hunger Games, in which Rue decides who to trust.
not because you feel something or don't feel something by [ profile] hateable, Supernatural, in which Ava Wilson makes the choice: them or her.

Fics that I wrote:
what friends are for; Glee; Santana Lopez/Brittany; PG-13
language; True Blood; Jessica Hamby; R
eye for an eye; Glee; Rachel Berry[+Jesse St. James], PG
woman king, sword in hand; NCIS/Burn Notice; Ziva David + Fiona Glenanne, PG-13
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Title: A Very Serious Matter
Fandom: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (TV)
Rating: PG-ish
Characters: Precious Ramotswe, Grace Makutsi, BK, JLB Matekoni, Cephas Buthelezi
Summary: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency takes on several summer cases, including one that hits closer to home than usual.
Notes: This was written for [ profile] lydiabell in [ profile] yuletide 2009; I'm just finally getting around to posting it now. Thank you to [ profile] deutscheami for the early beta, to [ profile] voksen and several others for the read-throughs while the story was in various disorganized stages, and to [ profile] bethan_b_bad for pointing out the most glaring Americanisms. Any errors remaining are my own.

A missing hairpiece?! )
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A while back, I posted a strong, angry response to the season premiere of Sons of Anarchy. I almost gave up the show. I was disgusted. I turned it on again the next week, expecting to see it handled badly. Instead, I began to have hope that they were going in a certain direction. With every episode since then, I've grown more and more sure, and tonight finally confirmed it. Spoilers for tonight's Sons of Anarchy, and for most of season 2, behind the cut. But outside of the cut: I was wrong. Not that Kurt Sutter and his team of writers will ever know that I was even unhappy, much less that I've now changed my tune, but I was wrong. Again, written so that even if you don't follow the show, you should be able to follow along.

2x10: Balm )

There are only three episodes left in the season; I am both excited and very, very afraid.