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Final round of [ profile] yuletide fic recs: FIGHT!!! \o/

Fandoms are: Figure skating RPF, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Feminist Hulk Twitter account, Encyclopedia Brown books - Donald J. Sobol, Community RPF, Community, Clue, The Chronicles of Prydain - Lloyd Alexander, Burn Notice, Bourne trilogy (movies), Blazing Saddles, Betsy-Tacy series - Maud Hart Lovelace, Bend It Like Beckham, Batwoman, Arrested Development, Anne of Green Gables, "A Study in Emerald" - Neil Gaiman.

29 recs! )

And now: I wait impatiently for reveals.
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This is where I will be on my lunch break.

Fics that are awesome:
Damnation! by [ profile] indiana_j, Sherlock Holmes, in which Mary Morstan saves the day.
And Her Ruins by [ profile] sinuous_curve, Star Trek, in which Winona Kirk refuses to be held back.
and keep your powder dry by [ profile] penknife, Star Trek, in which Gaila kicks ass.
Sync by [ profile] alicamel, Leverage, in which Parker is off-kilter and hysterical.
What It Means to Me by [ profile] bluerosefairy, Glee, in which Mercedes pulls the Glee Club together around one of its own and happily gives up the spotlight.
Blonde Ambition by [ profile] nataliadarimini, Psych, in which Juliet crushes stereotypes and then stomps on them. And arrests them.
experiment by [ profile] asimaiyat, Scooby Doo, in which Velma is not going to take girls making assumptions and trying to use her as their personal experiment anymore. (Note: HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!)
and so on and on and on by [ profile] hyacinthian, Scooby Doo, in which Daphne is completely aware of what people think about her, and it's all wrong.
Loves Makes You Grow by [ profile] rise_your_dead, Hellboy, in which Liz steps out of her fireproof room.
shoulda woulda by [ profile] moirariordan, Royal Pains, in which Divya doesn't always want to be who everyone thinks she is.
Alphabet Soup by [ profile] effie214, NCIS, in which Colonel Mann re-learns how to be Holly.
be back soon by [ profile] fangirly_joy, iCarly, in which Sam thinks that pity-for-being-in-juvie is worse than juvie itself.
Just Give 'Er by [ profile] wasabi_girl1, How I Met Your Mother, in which Robin is sick of the Canada jokes.
Trust by [ profile] nightwalker, The Hunger Games, in which Rue decides who to trust.
not because you feel something or don't feel something by [ profile] hateable, Supernatural, in which Ava Wilson makes the choice: them or her.

Fics that I wrote:
what friends are for; Glee; Santana Lopez/Brittany; PG-13
language; True Blood; Jessica Hamby; R
eye for an eye; Glee; Rachel Berry[+Jesse St. James], PG
woman king, sword in hand; NCIS/Burn Notice; Ziva David + Fiona Glenanne, PG-13
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I am not going to finish my recs before the reveals; I only made it to the L's in Yuletide Madness and halfway through the T's in regular stories. SADFACE! I will have to finish over the weekend, while we are either lightly sprinkled upon or SNOWED IN BY THE STORM OF THE CENTURY, depending on whose weather forecast you're listening to.

(P.S. - I know I probably don't have to say this to my f-list, as y'all are fabulous, but for serious, Yuletide recipients of the world, comment on the fic you received. It makes me so sad to read a wonderful story and get to the end and see that the recipient never said a word; not even a simple 'thank you.' Most of my recipients were fabulous and wrote lovely comments right away, but I've seen quite a few stories where the intended recipient hasn't said a word, and it makes me want to hug anon authors.

That said, I still owe two of my authors more detailed comments. *sheepish*)


24 recs in: Leverage, Lilo and Stitch, Mary Poppins, MASH, Roald Dahl's Matilda, Mulan, Oregon Trail, Princess Tutu, Project Runway (RPF), Public Service Announcements, Roman Holiday, Runaways, Shaun of the Dead, Sherlock Holmes, Sons of Anarchy, and Temeraire )
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The printer is making death rattle noises. There are four of us currently here, in an office of 20+. None of my favorites are in. At least five of the people who aren't here are out for the entire week. So much jealousy. So much. I know my vacation is coming but I want it to come FASTER! I really miss having a winter break this year. This is the first year I've ever not finished reading through the Yuletide archive before having to go back to school/work. I am only up to the beginning of the M's in the fandom list; I'm a little over halfway there. I want to read more and more and more, but I'm trying to avoid fan fiction while at work, especially since my wireless access is no longer cutting it and I can't do internets on my laptop.

Basically, this is a pointless post about how bored I am and how cranky I am that I have to be at work today when I could be at home reading fanfic, kink meme-ing, and RPing. Ridiculous complaints are ridiculous, but I am still so happy it is a four-day work week.

(If you want a good laugh, go through Rotten Tomatoes' section for Sherlock Holmes. Some of the less flattering reviews are uproarious. I sat by myself at the reception desk this morning, as no one called and no one came in, just laughing my ass off. Bad reviews are the best! Writers always come up with their best turns of phrase in them.)

So this is a Give Me Things to Write and I Shall Endeavor to Write Them post! You all know my fandoms and what I am willing to try (for the record, a few ideas off the top of my head: Sherlock Holmes (new movie or oldschool canon), Iron Man, Glee, Sons of Anarchy, The Mentalist, NCIS, Bones, How I Met Your Mother, iCarly, National Treasure, M*A*S*H, Hellboy, Firefly, True Blood... there are many many many things I'm willing to try that aren't on this list, so feel free to request others if you know I am familiar with the source material). I can't write anything dreadful or explicit due to being at work, but otherwise, I'm pretty easy. Give me a character or characters, a pairing, a situation you want to see somebody in, a word or a song lyric or a phrase... Crossovers, crack, angst, romance, gen, whatever else, and general ridiculousness are all a-okay. Just give me something to jot short things about. For the love of God, please. D: D:
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As the Yuletide reveal has now gone up, I can say:

A) That I completely sucked at guessing who wrote things (I was so sure, in one or two cases, and so wrong), and

B) That I wrote two stories. One was Manny's Birthday, a last second Black Books Treat for [ profile] count_nickula that was criminally fun to write, and the other was The Affair of the Dutch Steamship Friesland for [ profile] elance, a massive Sherlock Holmes story that I owe everything to my betareaders for. It was incredibly exciting to write; I've been a Sherlock Holmes fangirl since age seven or eight, and it was thrilling and terrifying at once to write something in the fandom, and especially to try to get the tone and Watson's voice right.

(Holy crap, the feedback has been so amazing on both; if anyone who's reading this commented -- thank you, thank you, thank you.)

Plus, right up til I came home, jet-lagged and half-dead, on the seventeenth, my location lent itself to the story. While writing it, I walked the Strand, I read about old-time east London in the Senate House library (which didn't wind up in the story, but still pleased me, as I was living in southeast London), I brushed up on my Holmes while riding the tube, and I went to the Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street. Somewhere on the internet, there are pictures of me sitting in "Holmes and Watson's study," wearing a Watson-esque bowler hat and cracking up like a fiend.

Here's to Yuletide '07 -- a fantastic experience, and I'm for sure doing it again next year. Here is where I run away to figure out who wrote all of my favorite stories, and to thank my authors more personally!


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