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This is where I will be on my lunch break.

Fics that are awesome:
Damnation! by [ profile] indiana_j, Sherlock Holmes, in which Mary Morstan saves the day.
And Her Ruins by [ profile] sinuous_curve, Star Trek, in which Winona Kirk refuses to be held back.
and keep your powder dry by [ profile] penknife, Star Trek, in which Gaila kicks ass.
Sync by [ profile] alicamel, Leverage, in which Parker is off-kilter and hysterical.
What It Means to Me by [ profile] bluerosefairy, Glee, in which Mercedes pulls the Glee Club together around one of its own and happily gives up the spotlight.
Blonde Ambition by [ profile] nataliadarimini, Psych, in which Juliet crushes stereotypes and then stomps on them. And arrests them.
experiment by [ profile] asimaiyat, Scooby Doo, in which Velma is not going to take girls making assumptions and trying to use her as their personal experiment anymore. (Note: HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!)
and so on and on and on by [ profile] hyacinthian, Scooby Doo, in which Daphne is completely aware of what people think about her, and it's all wrong.
Loves Makes You Grow by [ profile] rise_your_dead, Hellboy, in which Liz steps out of her fireproof room.
shoulda woulda by [ profile] moirariordan, Royal Pains, in which Divya doesn't always want to be who everyone thinks she is.
Alphabet Soup by [ profile] effie214, NCIS, in which Colonel Mann re-learns how to be Holly.
be back soon by [ profile] fangirly_joy, iCarly, in which Sam thinks that pity-for-being-in-juvie is worse than juvie itself.
Just Give 'Er by [ profile] wasabi_girl1, How I Met Your Mother, in which Robin is sick of the Canada jokes.
Trust by [ profile] nightwalker, The Hunger Games, in which Rue decides who to trust.
not because you feel something or don't feel something by [ profile] hateable, Supernatural, in which Ava Wilson makes the choice: them or her.

Fics that I wrote:
what friends are for; Glee; Santana Lopez/Brittany; PG-13
language; True Blood; Jessica Hamby; R
eye for an eye; Glee; Rachel Berry[+Jesse St. James], PG
woman king, sword in hand; NCIS/Burn Notice; Ziva David + Fiona Glenanne, PG-13
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Title: Stars Are Born
Fandom: Hellboy (movies)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Hellboy has chased werewolves into plenty of strange places, but this one might just take the cake.
Count: 684 words
Notes: Set between the movies. Written for cimera, Yuletide 2009. I watched way, way too many episodes of Britain's Got Talent; this was the product.

It sounds like a herd of elephants back there. )
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OKAY SO, I wrote the following things for Yuletide this year:

A Very Serious Matter (The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency), for [ profile] lydiabell
More Than Kin and Less Than Kind (Sons of Anarchy), for [ profile] fated_addiction
Two of a Kind (The Red Star), for [ profile] rushin_doll
Stars Are Born (Hellboy movies), for cimera
Small Blind (National Treasure), for starfishchick

Most of my recipients found and seemed to like their stories, so I am very happy! My Yuletide experience in general this year was just excellent, and I didn't really even think about comments or recs; I have no idea why this changed (as last year and the year before, I felt very liiike meeee, please like me!), but it made Yuletide a lot more relaxing. It was really nice to just enjoy Yuletide and not fret over things that I couldn't control. But I did get a lot of really wonderful feedback and several recs (including recs from one or two people who recced more than one of my stories, which always makes me laugh and wonder if they had any idea that the same person wrote both), and I have many people to go forth and thank.

And now, some notes on each individual story!

A Very Serious Matter (The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, TV; 6524 words), for [ profile] lydiabell
"No!" Mma Makutsi's voice railed. "No, no, no, you silly man, that is not what has taken place here! It is a crime!"

Mma Ramotswe stepped through the bead curtain and into the former Kgale Hill Post Office. Inside, Mma Makutsi was pacing vigorously, her heels clicking with each step, and she gestured wildly with a stapler. BK sat perched on the edge of the desk with his arms folded; he looked exasperated. "I know that it would be a cri--" he said, and then his eyebrows rose and he stopped. "Mma Ramotswe." She wiggled her fingers at him in a small wave, and he began to smile.

"Yes," said Mma Makutsi fervently, her back to the door. "She would know what to do, but she is away on a very important case, and we cannot disturb her."

Mma Ramotswe gently cleared her throat. Mma Makutsi spun around and her face lit up. "Mma!" she cried, taking several quick, skittering steps toward her. "Oh, Mma, I am glad that you are back!"

Spoilery notes )

More Than Kin and Less Than Kind (Sons of Anarchy; 5740 words), for [ profile] fated_addiction
Jax was perched on the concrete front steps of St. Thomas with his knees draw up, shoulders hunched, and his chin low. He looked so small, so unlike his usual gangly swaggery self, that Tara paused for a long moment before quietly coming down one step, then two. Her sneakers made next to no noise as she sat down beside him, hip nearly brushing his.

Jax held the familiar top rocker in his hands, his thumb running across the TELLER patch just above the one that read PRESIDENT. Dried blood flaked off the leather under his hands. Tara wrapped both her arms around his near one and held on tight.

Spoilery notes )

Two of a Kind (The Red Star; 906 words), for [ profile] rushin_doll
"Yeah," hollered Urik Antares sarcastically, ducking a high-flying chair and rolling across the top of the bar. He hit the floor behind it hard enough that he knew he'd still be feeling the impact in his shoulder in the morning. "This was a great idea, Goncharova!"

Alex Goncharova, on the other hand, was laughing like a maniac. "Wasn't it?" she shouted back, and she popped over the top of the bar long enough to hurl a heavy beer stein in the general direction of the knot of combatants. She was grinning like a wild thing when she came back down, but she held an enormous bottle of blue-ribbon vodka in hand, which immediately made her a remarkably more suitable companion in Urik's eyes.

Spoilery notes )

Stars Are Born (Hellboy movies; 684 words), for cimera
"My God," said one of the three judges seated up front. "It sounds like a herd of elephants back there." He raised his voice. "Can we have some professionalism backstage, please! We have a bloody television program to put on!"

Four stagehands carried on pushing a digital screen across the enormous stage. One worker followed along behind them, keeping an eye on trailing electrical wires. Just as the screen reached its place, a huge shaggy gray werewolf entered, stage left. Hellboy burst onstage a half a second behind.

There was a very long moment in which no one moved and no one said a word.

Hellboy and the werewolf stared out at the audience. Three-thousand four-hundred and one audience members -- and three judges -- stared back at them.

Spoilery notes )

Small Blind (National Treasure; 884 words), for starfishchick
Rolling his eyes, Ian shoved two cards over to him across the rickety card table, and then his eyes slid to Ben, who had, Riley privately thought, the single worst poker face in the history of the game ever. He was currently frowning at his cards, like doing so would make them magically give up their secrets to him the way that historical artifacts seemed to. "Gates?" Ian prompted.

"Oh," said Ben, looking up. "I'll take, uh -- no, I'll take none. Thanks."

"You're really bad at this," Riley said, sitting with his feet up on Shaw's empty chair.

Ben glanced at him sideways. Dryly: "Thank you, Riley."

Riley tipped his invisible hat to him.

Spoilery notes )
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First of many [ profile] yuletide recs! In fairly random order. I mostly post quotes instead of commentary, because I have SO MANY RECS that if I did full commentary for each, I would never finish this ever.

Also these rec quotes contain no italics or special formatting even if the original quotes did, because I'm pulling them off my delicious account.

SCOOBY DOO, WHERE ARE YOU? (all for meeee!)
Haunting Things (Real and Fake)
(If you have seen Scooby Doo on Zombie Island, you will immediately understand how amazing it is when I say that this fic is based on it. And if you haven't, it doesn't matter; you don't have to have seen it! All you need to know is that Zombie Island showed that the gang had gone their separate ways, tired of unmasking fake monsters, and that Daphne goes on to have a talk show while Velma owns a mystery bookstore. The fic is poignant and sweet and sad, primarily following Velma through her unrequited love for Daphne.)
“I’m sorry,” she says and sits down on the end of Velma’s sleeping bag. “I know you’re sad.”

“Why?” Velma asks. She wishes she had the words for what she’s feeling. Why are you leaving me? isn’t quite right, nor is Why don’t you love me? but both are as true as they are incorrect for what she wants to say.

The Mystery of Life
(How the gang is getting along post-series; absolutely delightful and lit up my Christmas morning. The revelation that Shaggy is a stoner is one of the most apt things EVER and thrills me to no freaking end.)
"You found our yearbook! Oh wow." Daphne took the book from Fred and started flipping through the pages. "Look at my signature to you! 'Dear Freddie, as long as the ocean waves... stay groovy! Hugs and Kisses'... how many x's and o's did I possibly need? 'Daffy.' Daffy!" She hooted. "Let's see what you put, Shag."

(This was a Yuletide treat for me, totally unexpected, and it is fabulous! The summary sets it up perfectly: Fred loves Velma, Velma loves Daphne, Daphne loves Shaggy, and Shaggy loves visiting all-you-can-eat buffets with his friend Scooby. It's a series of vignettes following relationships between the gang, and the insights that we gain are wonderful. Velma is awesome at Jeopardy and sudoku, and is totally kinky! Daphne realizes that she's known as the dumb pretty one and hates it!)
He used to sneak up behind her and pinch her waist and she'd give a little startled jump and let out a high pitched "Jinkies!" He'd give her a moment to compose herself and push her glasses back up her nose because they'd slipped, and then he'd throw both his arms around her. He could never guess what she was gonna be enthusiastic about ahead of time, but there was always something, like the time she came home, cheeks flushed, and said: "Hey, you know what? We've never tried tying each other up! Get some rope, let's go, let's go!"

Recs for: Hot Fuzz, The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency [books & TV], Anastasia, Band of Brothers, Black Books, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Cable & Deadpool, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain, District 9, Glee, The Hardy Boys [books], Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, Hellboy/BPRD [comics], Kristin Cashore's Graceling, How I Met Your Mother, Amelie, I Am Maru, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Lackadaisy, Archie comics, Alias [comic], Neil Gaiman's A Study in Emerald, Burn Notice, Hercules )

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The printer is making death rattle noises. There are four of us currently here, in an office of 20+. None of my favorites are in. At least five of the people who aren't here are out for the entire week. So much jealousy. So much. I know my vacation is coming but I want it to come FASTER! I really miss having a winter break this year. This is the first year I've ever not finished reading through the Yuletide archive before having to go back to school/work. I am only up to the beginning of the M's in the fandom list; I'm a little over halfway there. I want to read more and more and more, but I'm trying to avoid fan fiction while at work, especially since my wireless access is no longer cutting it and I can't do internets on my laptop.

Basically, this is a pointless post about how bored I am and how cranky I am that I have to be at work today when I could be at home reading fanfic, kink meme-ing, and RPing. Ridiculous complaints are ridiculous, but I am still so happy it is a four-day work week.

(If you want a good laugh, go through Rotten Tomatoes' section for Sherlock Holmes. Some of the less flattering reviews are uproarious. I sat by myself at the reception desk this morning, as no one called and no one came in, just laughing my ass off. Bad reviews are the best! Writers always come up with their best turns of phrase in them.)

So this is a Give Me Things to Write and I Shall Endeavor to Write Them post! You all know my fandoms and what I am willing to try (for the record, a few ideas off the top of my head: Sherlock Holmes (new movie or oldschool canon), Iron Man, Glee, Sons of Anarchy, The Mentalist, NCIS, Bones, How I Met Your Mother, iCarly, National Treasure, M*A*S*H, Hellboy, Firefly, True Blood... there are many many many things I'm willing to try that aren't on this list, so feel free to request others if you know I am familiar with the source material). I can't write anything dreadful or explicit due to being at work, but otherwise, I'm pretty easy. Give me a character or characters, a pairing, a situation you want to see somebody in, a word or a song lyric or a phrase... Crossovers, crack, angst, romance, gen, whatever else, and general ridiculousness are all a-okay. Just give me something to jot short things about. For the love of God, please. D: D:
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Once in a while, I do remember that this journal started its life as a fic journal. The last of the drabble posts for a while; the two longest (and least ridiculous) from the meme that I posted the other day (and am still finishing).

Title: Tinseltown
Fandom: Hellboy (movies)
Rating: PG-13? I hate rating things.
Summary: [ profile] ceitfianna requested Liz, Hellboy, and Las Vegas. This is set between the two movies.

Outside the Bellagio, fountains rise and fall to the strains of Debussy. )

Title: Between
Fandom: Hellboy / B.P.R.D. (comics)
Rating: PG-13?
Summary: [ profile] mmexlibris requested Liz/Abe.
Notes: This is all happening in some NEBULOUS POST-"BLACK GODDESS" WORLD, where the last issue magically somehow doesn't end on a weird cliffhanger. Spoilers for B.P.R.D. though "The Black Goddess"!

You're sure you're okay? )
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If you'd like one of your characters to jump into bed with one of mine, leave a comment along with a prompt and I will write you a drabble/ficlet.

I listed my characters just a couple days ago; I'd link it again here, but A) I am lazy, and B) I don't like pulling up RP journals on work internet. I am not backlogged with cases, for the first time since arriving back here! The woman who I work with is out of the office! I am running out of things to do! Please give me things to write while I'm on my lunch break. That would be awesome.

You can consider this a drabble post in general, too, if that particular meme doesn't interest you. Give me a character or a pairing and some kind of a prompt, and I will take it from there. I don't always finish these things, but I try, and hey, you never know, maybe you will give me a prompt and I'll wind up writing thirty pages of fic for it ([ profile] agonistes, I'm lookin' at you)! Look, I'll even make this post public! My fandoms are a matter of public record by now, I believe, but here's a random assortment of things that I will write for; if you see something missing from the list and want me to write it, can't hurt to ask! If you know I've seen or read something, I'll probably be willing to at least take a crack at writing for it.

Burn Notice, How I Met Your Mother, Leverage, Bones, Hellboy (movies or Hellboy and BPRD comics), Iron Man (movies or comics), Deadpool, Cable and Deadpool, Black Books, iCarly, National Treasure, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X, The Red Star, M*A*S*H, Firefly, Princess Tutu, Run Fatboy Run, Watchmen, The Office (bearing in mind I never saw the end of the last season), [ profile] milliways_bar, Sherlock Holmes, Torchwood (I have not seen series 1, but I've seen Children of Earth and most of series 2), True Blood (I've only seen the first six and a half episodes and read the first book, but I'll give it a shot!), Star Wars: X-Wing, Hot Fuzz, Star Trek (nu!Trek; you can request original series, Next Generation, Voyager, or even Enterprise if you want, but it's been years and I make no guarantees of the greatness of my memory)

I will write crossovers, crack, and basically anything else; I can only write sexy or gross things that are mildly sexy or gross (I am at my desk at work, pls remember. This is a worksafe space, darlings).

I inexplicably have the Next Generation theme stuck in my head. I haven't seen that show since I was 14 and obsessed. What, brain?
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Title: The Leaves in the Glen Have Fallen
Fandom: Hellboy (movies)
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Nuala/Nuada (implied), Nuala/Abe, Hellboy/Liz, Johan Krauss, Tom Manning
Summary: The seasons move from spring to summer to fall, following the elves' fortunes. By fall, Nuala can see that they are going to fade. Nuada will not go so easily.

Notes: There is some implied creepiness and a very, very vaguely implied unhealthy, incestuous relationship -- the story is no more explicit than Hellboy II: The Golden Army is on the subject, but this is the sort of thing that I would rather give warning about. Thank you to [ profile] suaine for the German, and to my beta readers, especially the last-second stars who held my hand as I hyperventilated. [ profile] naelwyn, Ryuutchi, [ profile] deconcentrate, and Grue: I owe you. Written for [ profile] asprosdrakos for Yuletide 2008.

The prince did not forget the princess, and he did not allow her to forget him. )
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Title: She Belongs Here
Fandom: Hellboy (movies)
Rating: PG
Characters: Hellboy, Liz Sherman
Summary: Liz leaves the Bureau for the ninth time, and Hellboy decides to do something about it.

Notes: At one point, I was going to do a series of firsts in Hellboy and Liz's relationship, and then I got -- as usual -- distracted. I wrote a couple, though, including this (though the 'first' may be difficult to spot; virtual cookies to anybody who gets it!), the first meeting, and the first kiss. Props to [ profile] dictator_duck for the restaurant name.

If you think I'm coming over there, you're crazy. )
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Title: Greatest Show on Earth
Fandom: Hellboy (movies)
Rating: PG
Characters: Hellboy, Liz Sherman, Professor Bruttenholm
Summary: Liz Sherman is 17 years old, and the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense is pretty much the last place she wants to be.

Notes: This was written for [ profile] vega_ofthe_lyre for Yuletide 2008. I owe Chokolatte for the last second beta!

I believe you'll find it quite comfortable, here at the Bureau. )
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So this afternoon, I was like, hey! Porn battle! Neat! Upon scrolling to my fandom-of-the-moment, I found that the three requested pairings were Nuada/Nuala, Abe/Nuala, and Hellboy/Myers.

My Liz-defensiveness pretty much immediately kicked in, so I powered up Word and, uh, I wound up with almost 1,000 words of not-really-porn Hellboy/Liz.

But I said I was going to write it, and I did. Thus:

Title: Endgame
Fandom: Hellboy (movies)
Rating: Somewhere between PG-13 and R
Characters: Hellboy/Liz, Abe
Summary: Red and Liz give chess a shot.
Endgame: The stage of the game when there are few pieces left on the board. The endgame follows the middlegame.

Notes: Set shortly after the first movie. This got so much sappier than I intended. Also, I seem to have lost the porn part. By which I mean I tried to write it, laughed hysterically, and gave up.

I don't think she knows that this is what it was for, but I owe [ profile] phoenixchilde for the prompt: chess board. I'm probably going to write more of these in response to the prompts that other people gave me. I want porn for this pairing, dammit, and if nobody else is going to write it, I will.

(In the way where I'm going to write a handful of ficlets that aren't very explicit at all, and maybe all together they'll make a whole?)

You're a cheater! )
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Since it is Yuletide Reveal Day, I can now say that I wrote four stories in three fandoms: my original assignment, a pinch hit, and two Treats. I wish I'd had more time for all four of them; I ran into the usual problem that I have with Yuletide, which is that mid-December is a busy time of year. One day, I'm going to learn to start early, college be damned!

I obviously wasn't allowed to talk about these for a while, which apparently made me really want to talk about them a lot now.

The Leaves in the Glen Have Fallen, for [ profile] asprosdrakos (3484 words): Nuala and Nuada through the centuries.
Elizabeth mutters something sharp under her breath, says a brusque, "Abe, take care of the princess, okay?" and starts after Hellboy.

"Certainly," Abraham says, and he looks at Nuala just as she shyly glances at him. Nuala's eyes widen at being seen and she swiftly looks away again, just as Abraham does the same in the opposite direction.

Halfway across the garage, Elizabeth catches Hellboy. She stops him with a hand on his arm; reaches up and touches the cut on his cheek where he was struck by a rock, gentle care obvious even from a distance. He doesn't flinch.

For a brief moment, sneaking another look at Abraham, Nuala allows herself to believe that this entire mess may turn out well.

Story #1 was Hellboy (movie). Spoilery liner notes! )

Gift That Keeps Giving, for [ profile] halfshellvenus (5021 words): It's Christmas, and Tony's got a gift or two for Rhodey.
"Yeah," says Rhodey, well-versed in translating Tony-speak. "The secretaries are throwing a Christmas party."

"Wow," Tony mouths, setting the candy cane on the table. "I forget sometimes that the rest of the secretary pool is blonde and has incredible legs."

"And Mrs. Arbogast can run secretary circles around the rest of 'em," Rhodey points out reasonably. He accepts the glass of brandy that Tony hands him in passing. He concedes: "The little Santa hats, those're a nice touch, though."

"Rhodey, I'm surprised by you," Tony says, propping his feet up on his desk. He takes a sip of his drink. "The correct term these days is actually 'administrative assistant.' "

Story #2 was, in the least surprising news ever if you know me even a little, Iron Man. In slightly more surprising news, I did not slash Tony and Rhodey. Mostly because I ran out of time. :(((( Spoilery liner notes! )

Waiting, for [ profile] zelempa (2754 words): Robin's still not enjoying the holiday season, and it doesn't go unnoticed. By the Barnacle. Yeah, I said it. (That dosn't even make sense! Gah! I always come out of HIMYM mini-marathons talking like Barney.)
"Doug's kinda on the war path today," Lily explains sotto voce, and as the big man glances their way from the bar, all five of them smile -- big and fake -- and wave.

"You should've seen the guys he threw out earlier." Ted puts his glass down on the table and leans back, his arm across the back of the booth behind Robin. "I swear to God, at least one of them was on American Gladiators."

"Yeah, Ted, nobody's interested in who you may or may not have seen in porn," Barney says, his eyes momentarily tracking Ted's arm, and then they snap back to Ted's face.

I ventured into How I Met Your Mother for the first time, which was slightly terrifying given that I had been familiar with canon for all of two weeks. Spoilery liner notes! )

Greatest Show on Earth, for [ profile] vega_ofthe_lyre (1399 words): Hellboy meets Liz Sherman.
"Do you have any nicknames?" asked Liz, lit cigarette pressed between her fingers. She sat with her knees drawn up and her arms wrapped around them, hood still covering her head against the biting winter wind. There wasn't a star in the sky, the taste of snow in the air.

"I mean, 'Hellboy,' " she continued. "It's a little Biblical."

Behind door #4: Hellboy (movie)! Spoilery liner notes! )

P.S. - OMG some of you were really sneaky and are getting emails MOMENTARILY. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.
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Stolen primarily from [ profile] austen:

Pick a pairing from my fandoms, and come with a location and/or situation, and I will write you between 50 and 250 words about the kiss that happened in that context.

I feel like my fandoms are fairly common knowledge, but if you're unsure, check my 'fic' tag or my interests; I'm pretty sure I have most of them listed there. 50 words is short! I like short. I also like having things to write in between reading about the affectation of language and what it means to people's identity. Hrg, philosophy class, please leave me alone.
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This isn't at all what I set out to write.

I seem to do that a lot.

Title: Unreasonable Requirement
Fandom: Hellboy (movie)
Rating: PG-13?
Pairing: Hellboy/Liz
Summary: Under 1,000 words of silly. Set sometime between Hellboy and Hellboy II. Do not ask how things are not being lit on fire. I do not know.
Warnings: Romance and cat POV. Not necessarily at the same time. Thank God.

Muffy was queen of the castle. )