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Every year, I'm like, THIS IS IT, THIS IS GONNA BE THE YEAR WHERE I'M NOT THAT ASSHOLE WHO RECS BUT TAKES FOREVER TO COMMENT, and every year, I write the recs first and comments second. Which is to say: I still owe comments for a number of these fics. But I really, really loved them, and I think you would love them too, so you should read them.

Recs in: Hot Fuzz, Hail Caesar!, Ghostbusters, Gladiator by Dami Im, Fantastic Four, Dumbing of Age, Critical Role, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Black Books, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz, and Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. )
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I spent a while trying to come up with a clever post title, and then in the end I just went with capslock and a number. If only I could do the same when trying to write titles for fics... ANYWAY: AND LO, IT WAS YULETIDE, and I once again spent my winter break devouring beautifully-crafted fan fiction! Somehow this is the tenth year in a row that I've participated in Yuletide and done these rec posts, which is fucking wild. Here's to another ten years. ♥

FIRST UP, you need to read my gift, which is the cutest thing in the goddamn world (and which I will screech about in greater detail when I reach the front half of the alphabet): Tidings of Raptor and Joy (Dumbing of Age, Dina/Becky).

Recs in: Zootopia, the Whyborne and Griffin series by Jordan Hawk, The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Star Wars: X-Wing, Singin' in the Rain, Shia LaBeouf by Rob Cantor, Romancing the Stone, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, The Mighty Ducks. )


Dec. 25th, 2013 12:32 pm
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I am sitting in front of the Christmas tree, wearing new fleece pants, fleece-lined socks, and a fleecy RED SOX WORLD SERIES CHAMPS sweatshirt. I could not be a happier camper.

You know why else I could not be a happier camper? My lovely Yuletide gift!

At the Veracity, by anonymous
"She Keeps Me Warm" music video, Mary Lambert
Great Expectations smells like ink and fresh paper, when she carefully cracks it open and traces the first lines. “So I called myself Pip, and came to be called Pip.” The paper is a little coarse under her fingertips, just right. Naming and becoming yourself, she thinks, not bad. Carry on, mister Dickens.

When she looks up from the page, she catches the dark eyes of the barista behind the espresso machine and smiles instinctively. The words are out of focus when she looks back down, print blurred over with the impression of that dark tousled hair, the tilt of the eyebrows. May shakes herself minutely, taps her fingers on the book cover and returns to so I came to be called Pip.

I'm pretty sure I whisper-screamed "LESBIAAAAAANS" in delight for like five minutes straight when the archive opened, before then screaming "THIS IS SO GODDAMN CUTE" forever. This was exactly what I hoped for when I made this request!! The tone is so warm and sweet, I want to roll it in for days. The author does a marvelous job of capturing the frisson and excitement of a new crush and of a new relationship, I love it so much!!!

All is right and good in the world! Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate!
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Now that reveals have gone up (on that note: SOME OF Y'ALL WERE FUCKING SNEAKY AND ARE GOING TO RECEIVE EMAILS SHORTLY), I can post this! I was probably overthinking it but thought that a certain omission toward the end of the alphabet might tank my secret identity. To the last few recs!

Pitch Perfect; The Incredibles; The Office [UK]; Titanic; Veep; Watchmen; You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift )
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Merry Christmas, y'all who celebrate, and happy day-off to everyone who doesn't! I hope you have had as lazy and lovely a day as I have. I'm writing this from in front of the Christmas tree, watching the snow fall, so life is pretty fucking grand. IT'S YULETIDE! Amazing Yuletide presents: I HAVE THEM! There is a Madness treat waiting for me as well, apparently, because I contain a multitude of riches this year; I'll add it to this post tomorrow when that archive opens!

EDIT: There were two Madness treats, and I am now officially that ridiculous (SO LUCKY) bastard who got every single one of her requests! This is me right now, with all of my gifts. I saw my letter go out on the pinch hit list; thank you, pinch hitters and treat writers of the world. ♥

Hellboy! Gravity Falls! Young Avengers! Static Shock! )

Happy Yuletide, gang! The servers are robust and the Force is with my quest to read the entire archive.
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I am making my slow-ass, determined way through the archives, one alphabet letter at a time! (I'M ON TO THE G's! I'll get to Z eventually!) As for my own Yuletide this year, I wrote seven fics in six fandoms for a total of 14,500 words; I obviously can't confirm or deny anything until after the first, but anyone who successfully guesses one of mine will win a ~*prize*~. If you're reading this on Dreamwidth, you'll probably want to do so in ?style=light, as the regular page view fucks with my formatting like whoa.

37 recs in 21 fandoms: @MayorEmanuel; Aliens; Anne of Green Gables; Bend It Like Beckham; Batman: The Brave and the Bold/The Middleman [crossover]; Black Books; Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense; Burn Notice; Captive Prince - Freece; Captain America: The First Avenger; Cinderella/Five Hundred Kingdoms series - Mercedes Lackey [crossover]; Clueless; Community; Deadpool/X-Force [crossover]; Darkwing Duck; Die Hard; Disney Princesses; Easy A; Enchanted; Ferris Bueller's Day Off; Final Fantasy VI. )
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One-player mode.

Final round of [ profile] yuletide fic recs: FIGHT!!! \o/

Fandoms are: Figure skating RPF, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Feminist Hulk Twitter account, Encyclopedia Brown books - Donald J. Sobol, Community RPF, Community, Clue, The Chronicles of Prydain - Lloyd Alexander, Burn Notice, Bourne trilogy (movies), Blazing Saddles, Betsy-Tacy series - Maud Hart Lovelace, Bend It Like Beckham, Batwoman, Arrested Development, Anne of Green Gables, "A Study in Emerald" - Neil Gaiman.

29 recs! )

And now: I wait impatiently for reveals.
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Snow is the heaviest ever. I helped shovel the driveway and I'm pretty sure I am going to die now. (It was only eight inches of snow. I am so out of shape. Also, I am a wuss.) On the bright side, I used my snow day to both sleep and power through the [ profile] yuletide archive! I'm into the b's. Home stretch! I think this may be the fastest I've ever gotten through the whole thing.

There are going to be some fandoms here that repeat from my last post; this is totally due to Yuletide Madness opening late and not (surprisingly! for once!) due to my organizational ineptitude.

Fandoms are: Young Avengers, Texts from Last Night/TV commercials (Old Spice) [crossover], Star Wars: X-Wing series - Michael Stackpole and Aaron Allston, Princess Tutu, Oglaf, No Reservations RPF/The Chronicles of Narnia [crossover], Neverwhere, Mythbusters RPF, Mulan, Monty Python RPF, Modern Family, The Middleman, Mary Poppins, The Magic School Bus, Love Actually, Live Free or Die Hard, Lackadaisy, James Bond films, Indiana Jones, Hyperbole and a Half, Huge, The Hunger Games, How I Met Your Mother, Hark! A Vagrant, The Great Mouse Detective, The Golden Girls/Deadwood [crossover], Futurama, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Frasier/Supernatural [crossover], FoxTrot/Calvin and Hobbes [crossover].

44 recs! )