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Hello, Yuletide author!

Thank you so much for signing up and writing for me! You clearly have A+ excellent taste, so I can already tell: this is going to be fantastic. I'm so grateful that you're writing something for me!! I'm going to include some extra information below, because I'm a longwinded human being (I'm sorry). If you're someone who finds that helpful, read on; if you're not, it's all good! Mostly I yell the words "love" and "delight" and "magic" over and over again. I JUST LOVE THINGS A LOT.

Things that I love: Friendships and family (both blood-related family and found family), teams coming together, romance, domesticity; people being concerned about, caring for, and protecting each other. I'm a sucker for the occasional hurt/comfort. I love humor, banter, competence, ridiculous tropes (fake dating/fake married! cuddling for warmth! Christmas/holiday fics, where appropriate! fic with epistolary elements or that makes use of social media stuff! ok those last two aren't tropes, but I like them anyway), action, and happy or hopeful endings. I'm fine with violence and/or sex scenes as long as they work in the context of the story.

Things that aren't my jam: Incest, rape, infidelity, non-canon character death, porn without plot, romantic relationships with really big power differentials (ie: boss/employee, teacher/student, a/b/o). I actually love alternate-setting AU's, but the canons that I've requested have such small fandoms that, unless I specifically mentioned an AU prompt for a certain request, I'd prefer to read straight-up canon fic for them.

In other places on the internet, I'm [ profile] growingintheweeds and [ profile] hockeybest on Tumblr, and I'm [ profile] Lexie on AO3. When I had a Tumblr tag for a fandom, I've listed it below!

Dumbing of Age - tumblr tag
Dina Saruyama, Becky MacIntyre
Optional details: I just recently discovered and DEVOURED this webcomic, and the way that I've been convincing other people to go down the rabbithole with me is to send them links to Dina/Becky pages. They're the cutest little dinosaurs. Honestly, I just would really love to see them doing cute stuff! Dina teaching Becky more about dinosaurs, evolution, and modern science? Maybe they go on a trip together and visit a natural history museum? Maybe Becky actually enrolls in college, with Dina's help? Maybe they keep exploring what it means to be girlfriends?

They slay me. Just look at them! I just love the journey that Becky has been on -- seeing her feel such wonder and joy in her queerness... To get a little personal here for a hot second, I also grew up queer in the church (in wildly happier circumstances, for the record; nothing like what Becky goes through) and didn't so much come out, in the end, as slowly tiptoe out of the closet over the course of several years, and while that worked for me, there is something SO DANG SATISFYING about watching Becky, like, burn down the closet door and then burst out from its ashes like a sugar-high phoenix. I love her energy and her optimism.

And Dina! Watching her misdirect Becky's terrifying dad to get him away from Becky, after learning from the situation with Amber's dad, was so wonderful. I love that she's given space to be herself; that any time someone expects her to conform to their expectations, she has absolutely no interest in that shit. The moment that Willis really, really got me was when other characters try to say that it'd be weird if Dina dated, and Dina defends the fuck out of her right to her own life and choices. Also her hats and her love for science are the best. The "Walking with Dina" arc was the best thing I've read all year.

Other info, in case it's helpful: Becky in particular has a really tough past behind her, and I just wanted to mention that if that's something you want to touch on (her mom's suicide, everything with her dad), that's okay with me. As for other characters, if I was listing everyone else in the comic who I love, we'd be here all day, but I particularly appreciate Becky's friendship with Joyce, complicated as it is by Becky's (past??) feelings, and love Dina and Amber as roommates.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard - Rick Riordan - tumblr tag
Blitzen, Hearthstone
Optional details: I want to know SO MUCH -- tell me about when they were watching over Magnus in Boston! Or the adventures they had crossing worlds before the books! Or tell me about the warthog incident! (Blitz says, "One time a giant made Hearthstone think I was a warthog, and Hearth almost killed me." Hearth replies, "No more about the warthog!") Or tell me what happened in Hammer of Thor after they left Magnus to head back to Blitz's place to rest. I do ship it like burning, but really, I just love how much they care for and watch out for each other, so friendship absolutely works for me if that's more your jam.

Spoilers for The Hammer of Thor here!

I have to admit, I'm from Boston, so I took a particular joy from situations like Magnus confronting Surt on the bridge that I used to commute across every day, or Sam living with her grandparents in Dorchester, or Magnus, Blitz, and Hearth getting dropped into Fenway Park. So if you wanted to write the Adventures of Blitz and Hearth Parenting Magnus Chase Around Boston, I am on board, friend. BUT I AM SO ON BOARD FOR EVERYTHING. Like, I was so curious after the mention of the infamous warthog incident -- what the hell happened there?

I also just read the new book(!!!!) and was so, so thrilled with it. I would love to be a fly on the wall for what happened when Blitz and Hearth left Magnus to go rest after the escape from Alfheim. That was a seriously emotional day or two, and I was so bummed to miss out on more of a reunion (though that hug in the shower murdered me dead).

They've both had such difficult lives (good god, HEARTH'S CHILDHOOD I'M STILL NOT OVER IT), and I really appreciate the way that, despite the squabbling and insulting each other (which, lbr, I also deeply enjoy because it's generally hilarious), they repeatedly encourage and stick up for each other. They know each other so well and are so loving and protective of each other; it's fantastic. I also love their loyalty to Magnus and Sam. I love Hearth's dry humor and how fuckin salty he is, and the way he's slowly accepting that he doesn't have to be an empty cup; I love Blitz's panache and kindness, and how enormously his confidence in himself has grown. I just want to read more about them!!

If it's helpful to know my feelings on the series overall and on other characters -- I'm not massively invested in crossing over with the other Riordan series, though I appreciate that they all exist in the same universe and that there's a family connection between Magnus and Annabeth. I love Magnus, Samirah, and Alex (I cried so hard at the thought of tiny trans and genderfluid kids getting to identify with Alex), and I ship Magnus/Alex and Samirah/Amir. I love the way that Riordan mixes and matches very old lore with very modern ideas, technology, and pop culture references. The sense of humor that imbues so much of his work is delightful, as is how, despite being funny, his books also have a real beating heart.

Star Wars: X-Wing series - tumblr tag
Plourr Ilo
Optional details: I would love to know anything that you want to tell me about Plourr! I know she joined the Rebellion in time to be a mechanic on Home One at Endor, but we really don't know much about the gap between fleeing Eiattu as a little girl and enlisting with the Rebellion as a mechanic. Where did she learn to work on ships and fly an X-wing? I have to assume her palace upbringing didn't prepare her for a life on the run, and that it was a wild culture shock to return to that old life as an adult after "Warrior Princess." Tell me about the time when she was balancing the responsibilities of ruling a planet and flying with the Rogues; or about what happens after the comics; or about her bonding with the Rogues!

I was convinced that I had asked for Plourr-fic in Yuletides past, but upon a scan of my old letters, it turns out that's not true! I was probably under that impression because she's one of my longest-running and best fictional loves. I first read the X-Wing comics when I was 12, and it was so meaningful to me that the biggest, angriest badass in Rogue Squadron was a woman; that she got to be just as (probably even more than) impulsive and brash as the male pilots. She got to be funny and mean and hot-tempered and physically imposing (while still being fiercely loyal to her friends and deeply principled) in ways that I still love. And I was and remain, 15 years later, so goddamn delighted that she turned out to be a ~*secret princess*~.

I want to know anything that you want to tell me about Plourr, seriously. I always wondered what happened to her and to Eiattu after the comics. Does she become empress? Does she like running the planet, or does she chafe under it? Does she stay in touch with the Rogues? Does she wind up getting together with Count Pernon (what a mustache on that man), who she was betrothed to as a kid? Or go the backstory route, as mentioned above, or tell me the story of all of the squadrons she burned out of because of her ""attitude problem"" before she met Wedge and the Rogues! Or tell me about bonding with the Rogues!! Of everything I asked for this year, this is probably my tiniest fandom. To the best of my knowledge, there are no fics out there that focus on Plourr, which is a crime tbh. So while I just flung a whole lot of ideas out there, I'd be genuinely so, so delighted with anything you want to write.

Plourr's story is pretty fucked up, when I reread the comics as an adult. While a fic that was, like, 100% re-telling really violent childhood scenes would probably not be for me, I'd be cool with delving into how Plourr deals (or doesn't deal) with the trauma after the fact if that was a direction you wanted to go. Alternately, if you'd rather write 1,000 words of Plourr, I don't know, arm-wrestling with Xarcce and trash-talking while playing sabacc with the Rogues and their mechanics, I'm so here for that, too!

Other info: Plourr, Hobbie, and Wes are my favorite pilots, though really, I love everyone from the comic-era Rogues and their supporting cast! If ship opinions are helpful, I love the heck out of Winter/Tycho, Wedge/Iella, and Wes/Hobbie. When it comes to Plourr, I'd totally be down for Plourr/Rial or Plourr/an OC, and I always enjoyed her punch-y flirtation with Kapp Dendo, as, like, a "this is fun for now" thing. I'd be just as happy with gen or ship fic, so long as Plourr's front and center! Also I haven't read the most recent books; my EU expertise ends around Starfighters of Adumar.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal - tumblr tag
Moon Jae-shin, Gu Yong-ha
Optional details: I love the entire Jalgeum quartet with everything in me, but Yong-ha and Jae-shin hold a special place in my heart. I'd love to read anything about them, along any point in the timeline of their friendship - meeting as kids? I can only imagine what in god's name Yong-ha was like as a child. Running around as teenagers, having misadventures as young adults, Yong-ha guilting Jae-shin into going to class, exploring their lives after the end of the series or after 'the end' but before that little epilogue, Jae-shin saving the day (Yong-ha's always the one to swoop in and save Jae-shin's [usually copiously-bleeding] bacon, WHICH I LOVE, but turning the tables could be interesting!), a modern AU where Jae-shin runs a seditious blog?? I'm game for anything! I love the push and pull of their relationship, and while I do ship it, I'm super happy to read them as bff's, as well.

My god. This show. I love so many things about Sungkyunkwan Scandal (unapologetic feminism! sports training montages! puppy piles! ROOMMATE SHENANIGANS!), but most of all, it's the friendships. (I only requested Yong-ha and Jae-shin because they're my heart of hearts, but in case it's helpful, I feel that YOON-HEE and Sun-joon [and also Yoon-hee/Sun-joon] are so great too!) I didn't write this post but I might as well have -- it very neatly encapsulates so much of what I love about Sungkyunkwan Scandal (as well as my frustrations). Also I will always appreciate this show for bringing the phrase "The homosexual is me" into my daily vocabulary. Bless u, SKKS.

The long history behind Yong-ha and Jae-shin's friendship appeals to me, as does their entire button-pushing (and face-pushing) dynamic -- Yong-ha's fabulousness and entire troll life (and the fact that he is a total coward about ridiculous things but has balls of steel when it counts), Jae-shin's faily gruffness hiding a tortured idealist/poet/faily hiccuping dweeb's interior... I was pretty fascinated by Yong-ha openly admitting to his raging case of feelings for Jae-shin and I'd be interested to see it explored, but will be happy too if you'd rather go in a less shippy direction! I was also interested in the 11th hour appearance of Yong-ha's father and what in the f that relationship/those expectations were like. Out of everything in the show, I was probably the least interested in the political intrigue, so this is one request where I'd absolutely love an AU if you felt like setting the characters in a different time!

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