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Lexie ([personal profile] sotto_voce) wrote2016-01-02 03:53 pm


I hope everyone had a fabulous new year! I definitely did -- I got to spend it with friends and to go to the Winter Classic (HABS HABS HABS) and Women's Outdoor Classic (ending in a tie was so appropriate), which were A++ incredible. I also had a thoroughly delightful Yuletide -- thanks again to [ profile] zopponde, [ profile] Missy, and [personal profile] kindness_says. ♥

This year, I wrote three fics for Yuletide! I had several more in mind too, but as usual, my eyes were bigger than my time management skills. They'll be for NYR eventually, maybe -- my goal for 2016 is to finish at least a couple of non-Yuletide fics.

Black Flag for [ profile] kiyala (Ballister Blackheart/Ambrosius Goldenloin, Nimona)
When I wander home for [personal profile] littledust (Larissa "Lardo" Duan/B. "Shitty" Knight, Check, Please!)
Jewel of the Indian Ocean for [ profile] Rhea (Fenella Carruth/Pat Merton, Think of England by KJ Charles)

I think many folks on my f-list are already familiar with Nimona and Check, Please!, both of which are thoroughly delightful and I really recommend, so I won't bother evangelizing for them, but now that reveals are done and I can talk about Think of England: oh man, I really loved this book. So did Goodreads, apparently. I wasn't totally sure what I was getting into, at first (I stumbled across this through reading two other people's Twitter back-and-forth, where someone mentioned it in passing as a book she'd liked), and I didn't love the other KJ Charles book I'd tried. BUT THIS ONE, MAN.

I love the early 1900s, Agatha Christie-esque isolated mansion setting, I liked the hero, I loved the love interest (HE'S SO GREAT), and I loved two members of the supporting cast. I devoured the book on my commute one day last month; I hope fellow commuters enjoyed the spectacle of me sitting there silently crying with strangled laughter. I want a bazillion more queer love story books with bonus action/suspense plots. I read it too late to ask for it for Yuletide, but there's always next year!

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