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Yuletide 2015


I'm so grateful that you're writing something for me!! I'm Lexie, I get very excited about stuff when I love it, and I really love Yuletide. Please take this letter with many grains of salt! It's intended only as supplemental information, in case you find it helpful. You do you, lovely Yuletide writer.

Things that I love: friendships and family (both blood-related family and found family), teams coming together, romance, domesticity; people being concerned about, caring for, and protecting each other. I'm a sucker for the occasional hurt/comfort. I love humor, banter, competence, ridiculous tropes (fake dating/fake married! cuddling for warmth! Christmas/holiday fics, where appropriate! fic with epistolary elements or that makes use of social media stuff! ok those last two aren't tropes, but I like them anyway), action, and happy or hopeful endings. I'm cool with violence and/or sex scenes as long as they work in the context of the story; same goes for sadder material. Go with your own judgment and have fun writing, and I will be delighted!

Things I'd rather not read: incest, rape, infidelity, non-canon character death, porn without plot, romantic relationships with really big power differentials (ie: boss/employee, teacher/student, a/b/o). I actually love alternate-setting AU's, but the canons that I've requested have such small fandoms that, unless I specifically mentioned an AU prompt for a certain request, I'd prefer to read straight-up canon fic for them.

I'm both [ profile] hockeybest and [ profile] growingintheweeds, and I'm [ profile] Lexie on AO3. I've linked the relevant Tumblr tags below, in case you find it helpful - if you click one and there's practically no content, it's not that I don't love that canon! (It's because I just read the comic very recently.)

Brooklyn 99 - my tumblr tag
Raymond Holt, Kevin Cozner
Optional details: There's so little fic about Holt and Kevin! I want to know stuff!! Toward the end of last season, there was that episode where they talked about having a wedding (nothing too elaborate -- they're not the Kardashian-Wests, after all), which leaves a pretty solid opening for wedding futurefic. That's one idea! Many other ideas: meeting/dating back in the day, their civil ceremony (well, beyond that classic "YES, YES, I DO" vow that the show showed us), bringing Cheddar home, what in the world Kevin thinks of the entire Wuntch situation... We usually see Kevin moving around in/supporting Holt's world; what's it like when it's vice versa? We didn't see the full resolution of the "I only got a little bit stabbed, that's all" plotline; what happened there?

I'm fascinated by their relationship. THE FACT THAT KEVIN THINKS HOLT IS HILARIOUS. (I mean, he is, but not in a "telling the best jokes at a dinner party" kind of way.) The show does a solid job of balancing the heaviness of how fucking hard it was to be an interracial gay couple in the NYPD, especially decades ago, with the humor. I get the impression that they've built up this really rich home life (hula hooping! their gorgeous home, Cheddar the cutest dog in the world, etc.), and I'd love to learn more about it.

Really: I just appreciate that for all the borderline-robot efficiency that the show likes to joke about in both of them, there's a solid emotional heart at the core of their relationship; we see them argue and we see really lovely demonstrations of their affection (I am fascinated by watching Captain Holt flirt, man).

As for the rest of the 99, GINA, Rosa, Amy, and Terry in particular are my faves, but if you're like "I want to include [so-and-so] but what if she hates him/her," you're in luck - I love everyone!

Check, Please! - my tumblr tag #1 + my tumblr tag #2
Caitlin Farmer, Chris "Chowder" Chow
Optional details: I desperately want to know more about Farmer, about Chowder, and about their relationship! What little we know is so flipping cute. No two people should be so cute. It's just not right. They had the greatest romcom-style meet-cute of all time, so I'd be happy to see that story in detail, or to hear about their Winter Screw date, or visiting each other in California, or getting to know each other during first semester, or what they do during summers, or tell me about their families or make Chowder a supporting player in Farmer's "first year of college" story... Anything you want to do to fill in the blanks of what little we hear through Bitty would be a total delight!

I went to a ridiculous Massachusetts liberal arts college myself and I love college settings in fic, so Samwell cracks me up. Stupid theme-night parties, someone writing a last-minute final paper and the other one bringing stolen goods from the dining hall for sustenance, getting shushed in the library, the terror of meeting a boyfriend's/girlfriend's parents while the parents are visiting campus, "doing homework" together (making out; I mean making out)... Anything you feel! Run free!! With the exception of Kent Parson, who I'm not super interested in, I love everyone in this bar comic, so you really can't go wrong if there was someone else you wanted to include! Chowder/Farmer is my #1 heart of hearts rarepair, but if it's helpful for background knowledge, I also love Lardo/Shitty and Bitty/Jack, and I can totally dig Ransom/Holster. I would be down with any of that and with any team stuff (love it) as long as the main focus is Farmer and/or Chowder.

I recently realized: Chowder and Farmer's ship name is "Charmer," which. I can't even deal. Chowder is the sweetest, man. I love that lil ball of sunshine and his breathless enthusiasm and his braces and his goalie weirdness and his need to believe the best of everyone. Sweet baby Chowder. (◕▿◕✿) And Farmer is such a cutie! I love her gummy little smile, and the two of them together crack me up -- freaking out over whether they need to dress up for lunch with Bitty; Chowder being so nervous about everyone liking Farmer. Farmer's "oh my god chris" line, as reported by Bitty on Twitter, made me laugh harder than just about anything else in this whole comic. Just look at them!!!

(In case it's helpful while the Twitter is locked to avoid spoilers, someone posted Bitty's tweets through January 2015 on Tumblr, and someone else very kindly shared a full PDF. Fandom is great!)

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson - my tumblr tag
Nimona, Ballister Blackheart, Ambrosius Goldenloin
Optional details: I would love to know what happens after the end of the book. Blackheart wonders if he sees Nimona sometimes - is it ever her? If yes, do they ever come face-to-face for sure, or does she keep her distance? How do Blackheart and Goldenloin make sense of their relationship, after everything that's happened - has Goldenloin finally given up that naive "let's go back to how we were" dream? How does it go when Blackheart gets into Legit Legal Science? Or tell me about the past! What did Nimona do, between breaking out of captivity and meeting Blackheart? What is Nimona's deal, even?? That one little Christmas comic was tantalizing - what was Blackheart and Goldenloin's friendship-turned-relationship like, before the joust? Gay Dads AU??

I just finished reading this comic (I KNOW, I am years behind the rest of the internet!) and I need so much more, omg. If there was a Dictionary of Me, this comic would be the picture next to the entry for "utterly obsessed with found family." Nimona and Blackheart coming to care for each other, when they've both been alone and misunderstood for so long!!! All of the times when they tried to save each other, oh no. I love that Nimona is allowed to be, in many ways, such an unsympathetic character -- her bloodthirst, her cruelty, that terrifying ending holy shit. (I mean, I really sympathize with her anyway, but she has some deeply scary qualities and I appreciated that Stevenson was willing to go there.) And I loved the slow realization that Blackheart, despite ostensibly being the villain, is potentially the most principled person in the comic. They're also just really funny and cute, which was super great (arguing over movies! Nimona's got to pay for that door! Nimona hanging all over Blackheart as they make their evil plans! Blackheart's a giant science nerd!); I would love "slice-of-life Nimona and Blackheart in the lab, while Goldenloin fumes" fic set during canon, too, if that's more your style! I'm so easy for this fandom.

I see Nimona's and Blackheart's relationship as a familial one, not romantic. I am, however, into Blackheart/Goldenloin, and I'm interested in both how they were before the joust, and how they navigate their relationship (and all the fucked-up shit that has gone down) after the comic. If you wanted to do a modern AU based on Stevenson's AU drawings where Blackheart and Goldenloin adopt tiny shark-obsessed weirdo Nimona, I would also love that!

Sungkyunkwan Scandal - my tumblr tag
Moon Jae-shin, Gu Yong-ha
Optional details: I love the entire Jalgeum quartet with everything in me, but Yong-ha and Jae-shin hold a special place in my heart. I'd love to read anything about them, along any point in the timeline of their friendship - meeting as kids? I can only imagine what in god's name Yong-ha was like as a child. Running around as teenagers, having misadventures as young adults, Yong-ha guilting Jae-shin into going to class, exploring their lives after the end of the series or after 'the end' but before that little epilogue, Jae-shin saving the day (Yong-ha's always the one to swoop in and save Jae-shin's [usually copiously-bleeding] bacon, WHICH I LOVE, but turning the tables could be interesting!), a modern AU where Jae-shin runs a seditious blog?? I'm game for anything! I love the push and pull of their relationship, and while I do ship it, I'm super happy to read them as bff's, as well.

My god. This show. I love so many things about Sungkyunkwan Scandal (unapologetic feminism! sports training montages! puppy piles! ROOMMATE SHENANIGANS!), but most of all, it's the friendships. (I only requested Yong-ha and Jae-shin because they're my heart of hearts, but in case it's helpful, I feel that YOON-HEE and Sun-joon [and also Yoon-hee/Sun-joon] are so great too!) I didn't write this post but I might as well have -- it very neatly encapsulates so much of what I love about Sungkyunkwan Scandal (as well as my frustrations). Also I will always appreciate this show for bringing the phrase "The homosexual is me" into my daily vocabulary. Bless u, SKKS.

The long history behind Yong-ha and Jae-shin's friendship appeals to me, as does their entire button-pushing (and face-pushing) dynamic -- Yong-ha's fabulousness and entire troll life (and the fact that he is a total coward about ridiculous things but has balls of steel when it counts), Jae-shin's faily gruffness hiding a tortured idealist/poet/faily hiccuping dweeb's interior... I was pretty fascinated by Yong-ha openly admitting to his raging case of feelings for Jae-shin and I'd be interested to see it explored, but will be happy too if you'd rather go in a less shippy direction! I was also interested in the 11th hour appearance of Yong-ha's father and what in the f that relationship/those expectations were like. Out of everything in the show, I was probably the least interested in the political intrigue, so this is one request where I'd love an AU if you felt like setting the characters in a different time!

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