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Lexie ([personal profile] sotto_voce) wrote2014-12-25 01:16 pm

Merry Yulemas!

I was so fucking excited about my Yuletide fics this year that it took me a solid two hours to calm down enough to read them, and then another four hours before I finally managed to put words to paper, in re: how much I love my authors. Then it was 4:30 in the morning. Long story short: THERE WERE TWO "SPARKS NEVADA, MARSHAL ON MARS" FICS THIS YEAR AND THEY WERE BOTH FOR ME, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MEEEEEE

Metamorphosis, by anonymous
"The Thrilling Adventure Hour"
“No,” said Sparks Nevada. “I’m. I’m. I’m— I mean. I am—”

“You cannot bring yourself to say it.”

“I’m— sorry. Can’t say I would’ve been a good dad, because y’all are pretty gross, and knowing my luck we’d’ve had a gross baby.”

“This is not an effective apology.”

Sparks Nevada: WORST APOLOGIZER. This was impossible to pick out quotes for because I am trying to avoid spoiling! But it deals with the fallout of the baby plotline and it somehow manages to be both hilarious and beautifully in-character, and also so, so sad (in the best way!), oh my gosh! I got that feeling where you finish reading, smiling like a goofball, and you're just like, "well I need to lie on the floor and recover for a while now."

For the World is Hollow and Do You Really Need To Keep Touching Me?, by anonymous
"The Thrilling Adventure Hour"
“If I turn around, you may hold onto me from behind as I search for a way out of this vault,” said Croach.

“I ain’t spooning you while you look for a lock.”

“I believe that if I do not find a way out, you may expire from strain due to the heat.” Croach shook his head. “Human biology. So limited.”

Sparks Nevada and Croach the Tracker: reluctant cuddlers. Well, Sparks is reluctant; the jury is out on Croach. This is brilliantly funny and has so many wonderful touches of pitch-perfect TAH humor - it's basically an extended episodic adventure, with added huddling for [temperature]! Sparks Nevada loves paperwork so much, I laughed and clapped all the way through; I DON'T WANT TO SPOIL ANY MORE.

Seriously, though, both fics did an incredible job of pulling from my letter and sinking their teeth into the aspects of "Sparks Nevada" that I love the most; I read them and I knew, these were written with such care for me. Authors, if you're out there, please know that I am so touched (by your offerings of sex pollen cactoids and canon mpreg feelings-talks; god I love this fandom) and so thankful! I am completely obsessed with my presents. Thank you!!!

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