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Yuletide letter

Hello, rad person who likes the thing(s) that I do!

I'm so grateful that you're writing something for me! Yuletide is my favorite; I'M EXCITED. I'm going to talk about request ideas, general likes/dislikes, and ramble a bit about what I love about these characters/canons! I'm also going to include some extra info, just in case you're sitting there thinking, 'I'd really like to include [Character X] but what if she hates him??' Please take this entire letter with many grains of salt! You do you, Yuletide writer.

Things that I love: friendships and family (both blood-related family and found family), romance; people being concerned about, caring for, and protecting each other. I'm a sucker for the occasional hurt/comfort. I love humor, banter, competence, ridiculous tropes (fake dating! oh look we are in a place where it is very cold and there is only one blanket!), and awesome ladies, and happy (or hopeful) endings. I'm cool with violence and/or sex scenes as long as they work in the context of the story; same goes for sadder material. Go with your own judgment and have fun writing, and I will be delighted! Things I'm okay with, in case you need to know: original characters as necessary, Christmas/holiday themes, romanizing Korean names any way you'd like (you can ignore the way I spell things).

Things that I'm usually not into in fiction: incest, rape, infidelity, character death, porn without plot, romantic relationships with really big power differentials (ie: boss/employee, teacher/student, a/b/o). I actually love alternate-setting AU's, but the canons that I've requested have such small fandoms that, unless I specifically mentioned an AU prompt for a certain request, I'd prefer to read straight-up canon fic for them.

You can find me on Tumblr at [ profile] growingintheweeds or [ profile] hockeybest. As you might imagine, one Tumblr contains all of my hockey content. The other: everything else!

The Brothers Sinister series - Courtney Milan
Frederica "Free" Marshall, Edward Clark, Patrick Shaughnessy, Stephen Shaughnessy
Optional details: FAMILY. One of the things I loved most about "Suffragette Scandal" (which is really saying a lot, because I loved pretty much everything about "Suffragette Scandal") was the emphasis on family, especially of the found variety. I'd love to see more of Edward's relationship with his real brothers, the Shaughnessys, and more of them interacting with Free! There's a line in the book -- "Stephen used Free's pet name far too readily for Edward's comfort. It gave him a sense of domestic tranquility, as if the three of them might become friends. As if they might spend evenings together, laughing and telling stories." YES PLEASE.

Trying to decide which book to go for, much less which characters from The Suffragette Scandal once I finally decided on the book, was murder. But I had to go with Suffragette. I HAD TO. THE PUPPY CANNON!!! That linked review covers a lot of what I loved about the book. The humor, the A+ banter, the feelings, and the message -- hot damn, did the book come out at an appropriate time.

Free and Edward are the best. I may or may not have cried on multiple occasions over their respect for each other (I mean, over their epic love too, obviously, but holy shit the careful, considered respect of each others' needs and boundaries made my knees weak). And in a world where the Hero with a Tragic Past is often All Alone and So Very Tragic, I really, really appreciated that Edward had people who loved him and stood by him even before the romance kicked off. His friendships with Patrick and Stephen were so funny and full of history/depth, which is why I was particularly sad to reach the end of the book and realize that Free wasn't going to spend a lot of time with them. So that's my request -- anything that puts Free together with Patrick and Stephen (who she is so delightful with, in their brief scene or two; LORD JOKES) would be brilliant!

Vague random ideas: pulling together to meet some sort of deadline for Free's newspaper before Stephen moves to Greenwich, modern AU (how depressing is it that I can think of about a million ways that Free's thimble can be easily adapted to 2014), it's a holiday or someone's birthday!, cheering for Stephen at a crew race, Free and Edward being terrible (awesome) nobility...

Additional info: I like the canon relationships for all four characters. I know I specifically mentioned being squicked by relationships with big power differentials, but just for the record, Patrick/Baron Lowery is a rare exception to my personal rule; I thought Milan did a good job of portraying that, away from society, they think of each other as equals. Also: I! love! everyone! My other favorites are probably Rose Sweetly (best name), Amanda, Genevieve, Violet and Sebastian (though more so from their appearance in The Duchess War; The Countess Conspiracy featured so much less banter than I'd dreamed of), Minnie, Emily, and Anjan. So basically, if you're wondering 'hey can I include so-and-so??' the answer is I LOVE THESE BOOKS, I'M EASY.

Check, Please! (webcomic + twitter)
Larissa "Lardo" Duan, Shitty Knight, Chris "Chowder" Chow
Optional details: I love the whole team, but I ultimately decided to ask for Lardo and Shitty because I want to learn more about their EPIC (B)ROMANCE. We know that Shitty is super into Lardo, at least according to Ransom and Holster, but we don't know a ton about their friendship or Lardo's feelings. I do ship it, but I also just love their friendship and would genuinely be really happy with something that trended more toward gen as well! I also asked for Chowder because oh my god I love that newborn goalie lamb so much; he is my actual favorite. Any way that you want to squeeze him in is a-okay with me! Anything starring Lardo, Shitty, and the college of it all, featuring Chowder in some capacity, would delight me!

Tiny gay former-figureskater from Georgia who's a fanatic about baking and Beyonce; Canadian hockey royalty captain with anxiety; ridiculous Massachusetts liberal arts college; diverse supporting cast of found-family teammates and friends; comedy, romance, hockey -- sign me up! I went with Lardo and Shitty because: oh my god, dude. I love that Lardo is quite possibly the dude-broiest of them all; I love that she can drink and burp the entire team under the table, and that she's super into art and is somehow sometimes the dry, amused voice of reason while still being just as gross as all the boys. I enjoy Shitty's entire Cambridge hipster bro existence -- his foul mouth and blunt honesty, his fierce loyalty, how much he hates clothes, and, of course, his sick flow. I appreciate that he wants to write his senior thesis on "college hockey and how it's both the fucking queerest and most homophobic culture on the goddamn planet." And I'm so into how into Lardo he is. SO INTO IT. I love that they get baked and drag Bitty and Jack on froyo adventures.

As for Chowder: he's the cutest. I love that lil ball of sunshine and his breathless enthusiasm and his braces and his goalie weirdness and Jack-hero-worship. I love him even though he loves the Sharks. That is a lot of love. Like I mentioned in the optional details, any way you want to fit him in works for me (aside from, like, shipping him with Lardo and/or Shitty, which probably isn't my bag)! He wants to be as cool as Lardo when he grows up. (Don't we all.) Like, I would be totally delighted with a cameo or supporting character status -- I just requested him because I wanted to see him involved in some capacity. Sweet baby Chowder. (◕▿◕✿)

I went to a ridiculous Massachusetts liberal arts college myself, so Samwell cracks me up. When I yelled about the college of it all in my optional details, I pretty much meant -- anything! Haus parties, hockey practices, spending three weeks in January trying to get phys plant to come fix the heat, dining hall team breakfasts, nonsensical rivalries with other Samwell sports teams, arguing over which packie to go to, making too much noise in the library? Anything you feel! I just really enjoy college settings in fics. Run free!

Girl Meets World
Riley Matthews, Maya Hart, Topanga Matthews
Optional details: This show is so wonderful -- it somehow manages the feat of calling back to Boy Meets World while still standing firmly on its own two feet. I'd love anything focusing on Riley and Maya's friendship, at any point in their lives. I can buy them as friends or ship them! I included Topanga in my character list because she's the best and it would be awesome to see her included in some way!

I super love Riley and Maya and the whole Matthews family. I grew up on Boy Meets World, and I've been so delighted by a lot of what Girl Meets World is bringing to the table. It's a lovely legacy. Riley and Maya are particularly charming, for me -- I love the angel-on-one-shoulder, misunderstood-demon-on-the-other dynamic (and how it calls back to Cory and Shawn). Riley is such an awkward little weirdball, she's so sweet and charming and bizarre! I love that everyone just accepts the random stuff that comes out of her mouth. And I have a huge soft spot for Maya, with her wary shields and her world-weary attitude and her button-pushing. I love their dynamic, especially how fiercely Riley watches out for and fights for Maya. Watching them have fun together, and fuck up and then learn from it together, is just the best. Any age that you want to write them as would delight me, whether you want to go younger, older, or stay around the same era as the show. I would also be okay with Riley/Maya if you wanted to go that route, though I'm just as happy reading about their friendship.

(Sidebar: I really enjoy both of their responses to Lucas. Riley gibbering and falling all over herself is hilarious and such an age-appropriate reaction, and Maya just trying to make him mad and then steadily losing her shit when he's unflappable: so great.)

The school stuff is great. I think my favorite scenes of all, though, are in the Matthews apartment. I wish Topanga was integrated a little more -- I feel like a lot of the time, she winds up sidelined with a completely separate Auggie plot. That's the way the show was designed, what with Cory being right there at school with Riley and the other kids, but: Topanga!! She's such a take-no-shit badass and such a great mom, and I am always here for mother/daughter relationships. I would love to see a fic involve her in Riley's and Maya's story in some way. I'm down for anyone you'd like to include; the one thing I'd note is that I don't like the "awkward nerdboy is in love with female leads and keeps pursuing them despite their disinterest" ""joke"" that always seems to crop up on shows about teenage girls, so I'd appreciate it if that Farkle plotline was minimal.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Moon Jae-shin, Gu Yong-ha
Optional details: I love the entire Jalgeum quartet with everything in me, but Yong-ha and Jae-shin hold a special place in my heart! I'd love to read anything about them, along any point in the timeline of their friendship - meeting as kids? I can only imagine what in god's name Yong-ha was like as a child. Running around as teenagers, having misadventures as young adults, Yong-ha guilting Jae-shin into going to class, exploring their lives after the end of the series or after 'the end' but before that little epilogue, Jae-shin saving the day (Yong-ha's always the one to swoop in and save Jae-shin's [usually copiously-bleeding] bacon, WHICH I LOVE, but turning the tables could be interesting!), a modern AU where Jae-shin runs a seditious blog?? I'm game for anything! I love the push and pull of their relationship, and while I do ship it, I'm super happy to read them as bff's, as well.

My god. This show. I love so many things about Sungkyunkwan Scandal (unapologetic feminism! sports training montages! puppy piles! ROOMMATE SHENANIGANS!), but most of all, it's the friendships. (I only requested Yong-ha and Jae-shin because they're my heart of hearts, but in case it's helpful, I feel that YOON-HEE and Sun-joon [and also Yoon-hee/Sun-joon] are so great too!) I didn't write this post but I might as well have -- it very neatly encapsulates so much of what I love about Sungkyunkwan Scandal (as well as my frustrations). Also I will always appreciate this show for bringing the phrase "The homosexual is me" into my daily vocabulary. Thank you, SKKS.

The long history behind Yong-ha and Jae-shin's friendship appeals to me, as does their entire button-pushing (and face-pushing) dynamic -- Yong-ha's fabulousness and entire troll life (and the fact that he is a total coward about ridiculous things but has balls of steel when it counts), Jae-shin's faily gruffness hiding a tortured idealist/poet/faily hiccuping dweeb's interior, the fact that they both spend so much time pretending they don't care (aside from Yong-ha's Jae-shin exception, since he happily, shamelessly demonstrates his feelings about Jae-shin CONSTANTLY) BUT THEY DO CARE!... I'm getting carried away. In summation: I love this show, I love these characters, and I'll love anything that you write about them. I was pretty fascinated by Yong-ha openly admitting to his raging case of feelings for Jae-shin and I'd be interested to see it explored, but will be happy too if you'd rather go in a less shippy direction! I was also interested in the 11th hour appearance of Yong-ha's father and what in the f that relationship/those expectations were like. Go anywhere! Fly free! Out of everything in the show, I was probably the least interested in the political intrigue, so this is one request where I'd be totally cool with AU if you felt like setting the characters in a different time!

The Thrilling Adventure Hour
Croach the Tracker, Sparks Nevada
Optional details: I just typo'd Sparks Nevada as 'Sparks Nevadad,' which seems thematically appropriate. I really enjoyed that entire absurd storyline (YOU KNOW which storyline), and there was an obvious gap to me: Nevada getting his shit together (sort of) and tracking Croach down, between Sparks Nevada #135 and Robot Rogues #136, and making amends so they could hatch a convoluted plan to trap Alloy Roy's gang. I would love to know what happened there, or hear about adventures at any point in their partnership. I can ship it but I'm equally happy with friendship gen or with Nevada/Red/Croach!

I haven't finished listening to "Thrilling Adventure Hour" yet, but I'll be done by Yuletide reveals (lbr, I'll be done within a day or two)! "Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars" is my favorite segment. I love space stories, Westerns, comedy, grumpy heroes, grumpy love interests, heroic sidekicks, and soap operas, so really, I never stood a chance! The way that "The Thrilling Adventure Hour" affectionately mocks tropes/details from other media is so delightful; for "Sparks Nevada," I'm thinking especially of the storylines composed of Star Wars/Star Trek jokes. Most of all, though, I love the "Sparks Nevada" characters! Nevada's lack of fucks given and reluctant heart and how much he loves paperwork, Croach's selflessness and solemn insistence that he doesn't feel emotions (while definitely having emotions), how they're both immature, petulant, emotionally-unavailable idiots who have also gone through a surprising amount of character growth -- I also love the whole supporting cast, but I'm going to yell EVERYONE, JUST EVERYONE in lieu of writing a million pages about the Red Plains Rider and Pemily Stallwark and the Troubleshooter.

In terms of what I'd like to read, I would be super happy with generally sticking to the light tone of the show, or with going a bit deeper into serious ~*feelings*~ and drama than episodes usually do! You really can't go wrong, unless you're thinking, like, 1000% grimdark misery. For prompts: if you want to go a shippier route, there's dealing with the aforementioned Jib Janeen storyline (Jib-Janeen-as-Sparks-Nevada had to have kissed Croach, in order for the procreating to have happened, and I have so many questions; or maybe the fallout afterward, comedic or otherwise -- Sparks-Nevada-the-dad destroyed me a little). There's also the "lost episode" where apparently Sparks touched Croach's feet and it'll never be spoken of ever again.

I'm super into gen as well; reluctant best friends for life! Some more gen prompts: I am always interested in what hero-characters do when they're not heroing, or something dealing with Croach's death and return to life, or basically any time that Sparks shows any sort of regard for Croach, considering that he's usually some level of jerk to him (I quietly howled, on the subway during rush hour, at "Sparks." "Croach!!!" in #95). I also really love the Red Plains Rider, so if you love her too and none of these ideas are floating your boat, I am absolutely behind a threesome. Or, like, episode-of-the-week adventurefic! I love casefic/adventurefic. Or babies!! I'm fine with the canon mpreg. Or exploring Martian society -- why haven't we met any Martians aside from Croach? Basically just throw Sparks and Croach in a room together and I'll roll around with joy.

EDIT, now that I'm up to date on Sparks Nevada: So apparently, Jupiterians do not kiss babies into people! WHO KNEW. I still have so many questions, though! And while I am still all about Sparks/Croach, I also love Red Plains Rider/Croach and I'm liking Sparks and Ginny so far, so you go right ahead and do whatever you're feeling!

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Everything you said about Sungkyunkwan Scandal is so perfect, omg. You perfectly articulated all of the feelings that I have, and in a succinct and hilarious way:
unapologetic feminism!
Yong-ha's fabulousness and entire troll life
Jae-shin's faily gruffness hiding a tortured idealist/poet/faily hiccuping dweeb's interior
[Yong-ha's] raging case of feelings for Jae-shin
the 11th hour appearance of Yong-ha's father and what in the f that relationship/those expectations were like

Just yes to all of this. Thanks for giving me a laugh.
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WHERE CAN I WATCH GIRL MEETS WORLD???? I really have to get on this shit.