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Yuletide 2013 recs: part 3!

VALHALLA, I AM HERE!!! Final batch of Yuletide recs -- so much great fic this year!

Promises Made
(Really gorgeous language and cool story.)
It would be better, Chihiro knew, if she took the road all the way home today. Usually she took a shortcut through the woods between the school and her house, but if there were a storm coming, the road would probably be safer. If she jogged, she could probably still get home before it started to rain. But she’d reached the point now where she could see the beginning of her woods, half-way down the slope, their branches stirring lazy brushstrokes in the warm rain-scented wind, and the sight of them tugged at Chihiro’s heart like a kite string.

At the Veracity
(This was my Yuletide gift, aka the best Yuletide gift anyone received this year!! [ profile] emei did such a lovely job of capturing the fizziness and giddy excitement of first getting to know someone, and then [my favorite part, because love stories that end at the get-together always make me yell "NOOO! WHY!!!"] fleshing out their relationship. It's sweet and gorgeous and everything I wanted. ♥)
Their friends will tease them later, but now they pretend not to notice. That first party (after the note in the accidently-on-purpose forgotten book, a phone number slipped in on the return), May is like a beacon when Dani slips into the room, late and self-conscious. The room doesn’t spin and time doesn’t stop, but it buzzes, that line connecting them, their locked gazes. Dani feels fizzy, like her veins are full of pops and sparkles.

Growth Cycle
(Oh man, this entire fandom made me want to play the game so bad; I wish my copy still worked! This one is a delightful mix of real-life things and the bizarre way that you do things in the game!)
Iris stared blankly back. Hydrangea really needed to get around to teaching her to talk one of these days.

“It’ll be fine,” Alice had said. “She’ll be a genius like me. She’ll hardly need any teaching or attention, and when she does, I’ll do it.”

Right. No time like the present. Hydrangea pointed at the urn that currently housed Alice’s ashes and told Iris, “Repeat after me: liar.”

Stolen Hearts
(The Sims is SO WEIRD when viewed in the context of, uh, "what would this be like if someone did it in real life." This fic has a bunch of hilarious touches like that, as well as plenty of original silly details that made me laugh!)
Charlene did take me aside and tell me that I should stop hunting coworkers through the halls with a nerf gun I’d taped introductory notes to, because apparently I’ve met everyone now. She also slid a packet of mysterious seeds to the edge of the desk, the only part that can be seen past the screen. “Plant these,” she said. “Little hills of dirt, not too close together. Water them. Water them daily, and you will learn more...of science.”

Making Headlines
(Kathy/Don/Cosmo fic which is super cute and perfectly in keeping with the tone of the movie!)
They all adopted their preferred thinking positions. Kathy could feel Cosmo's hands tapping out rhythms on her legs. His left hand, she realized, was going through a I-IV-V-I chord progression, while his right was tapping out the melody for the latest piece he was writing. Don crossed his ankle over his knee and tugged at his chin as if he had a beard - though Kathy had yet to see him with one. For her part, she folded her hands across her stomach and stared blankly at the table.

Had to be you
(Negotiating being Jerry and being Daphne. This made me want to go rewatch the movie IMMEDIATELY.)
“Is that you, Mrs. Fielding?” said Osgood.

“Sure,” said Jerry, allowing himself to move with ease now that there was no need for stealth. He moved to hang his dress in the wardrobe. “Were you expecting someone else?”

We've Gotten Strange, We've Gotten Older (It'll Be Alright)
(SO MUCH HAPPY ENDING. Nasir and Agron through the years, recognizably themselves while also recognizably older; not an easy feat. This made me so happy!)
“Your man does not hold his drink so well tonight,” Rosmunda says to Agron, her deep voice etched with amusement.

“Nor any other night,” Agron returns, the words coming out fond. Nasir feels a slight frown cross his face at that. Perhaps he has not the German head for drink that those around him possess, and it is true that he rarely indulges in more than a cup or two of wine, but he is far from unable to hold his drink. And tonight is special, at any rate; they are celebrating—something—and Nasir intends to say so at once, but his tongue feels so very heavy.

(Eugene knows more about being a princess than Rapunzel does. Super charming!)
"So I was thinking about something the other day," Eugene said, raising his voice to carry into the other room. Anna, who'd been fussing with the placement of Rapunzel's belt, snorted.

"Did you hurt yourself?" she called back.

"Be nice," Rapunzel said, but she was hiding a smile. On the dresser, Pascal snickered.

Hand in Unlovable Hand
(Fake-marriage after a drunk Vegas wedding!!! I love tropes, and this one is handled so well. Also it's hilarious and the title is from my favorite Mountain Goats song.)
"I got rings," Dan says, digging in his pocket.

For a second she can't even parse the sentence. "Rings?" she repeats.

Dan opens his hand and shows her two golden wedding rings resting in the middle of his palm. "Uh, wedding rings?" he says. "Because we're married, remember, hon?" He says 'hon' in a tone that makes it sound like 'dipshit.'

The First Christmas
(R remembers that it's Christmas. The tone was really great; super evocative of both the book and the movie, to me!)
He gets a number of strange looks as he carries it back but he's used to people looking at him strangely. He's a corpse that came back to life. That's strange. Now he's a corpse that came back to life carrying a poster wrapped in a dress. That's even stranger.

What's more important than the strange looks is the recognition that flashes across some people's faces. They put together the month and the bow, and they remember. He sees inspiration on those faces, and he knows Julie won't be the only person getting a present this Christmas.

How Life Does Turn Out
(Really sweet and satisfying.)
"Oh, don't cry, sweetie," she croons, rocking Lucy back and forth, and Lucy clings to her gratefully. "You're a good girl, Lucy. All that's important is that you saved Peter, and you're here now, and you're going to marry my Jack. And then, God willing, you're going to give me beautiful grandchildren who will be kind and brave. Just like their mother."

Which is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to her. Lucy starts crying and then Midge starts crying, and they hug each other in the middle of the kitchen until Ox comes in to ask if they're cooking dinner or what. He takes one look and backs out again in a hurry.