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Yuletide reveals

SURPRISING NO ONE, I am sure, I wrote several things for Yuletide this year! With more time, I would have written out my entire idea for a couple of the treats, instead of glossing over, but, well, it's Yuletide! "With more time" is my wistful guiding mantra.

sleigh bells ring for [personal profile] littledust (narrator/baseball player, "You Belong with Me" - University of Rochester Yellowjackets)
Espresso Yourself for [personal profile] littledust (barista/reading customer, "She Keeps Me Warm" - Mary Lambert)
and we'll never be royals for [personal profile] acerbictomes (Kim Yoon-hee/Lee Sun-joon, Moon Jae-shin, Gu Yong-ha, Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
he ain't heavy for [ profile] notababoonbrandishingastick (Gigi Darcy, Fitz Williams, William Darcy, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries)

sleigh bells ring ("You Belong with Me" - University of Rochester Yellowjackets [music video]; Rated T; narrator/baseball player; 10,500 words)
"A beautiful sight," Ed sang louder, "we're happy tonight-" He rolled most of his weight across Devon's chest and threw a leg over him for good measure.

"You're a horrible person," Devon wheezed, shoving at him and swiping hideous tinsel off his face. "I can't believe I missed you while we were studying abroad."

Five Christmases. I laughed forever when I got my assignment; FOREVER. Then I yelled "I GOT KELSEY FOR QUEER MUSIC VIDEOS!!!" across the apartment at [personal profile] sarashina and then laughed more. I thought that last year would be my final Yuletide writing this fandom, but Kelsey's prompts were so great, and the chance to play in the sandbox that she'd created for me in Yuletides past was so tempting, that I couldn't resist. It was originally just going to be the part that wound up being chapter 4, but then I had so many Christmas feelings that there were more parts. Really, after all the rad treats she's written for me over the years, it was about time that I wrote something for Kelsey. ♥


Espresso Yourself ("She Keeps Me Warm" - Mary Lambert [music video]; Rated G; barista/reading customer; 1800 words)
"Hey," Emily said to the beautiful girl who came in on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and sometimes Sunday mornings. "What can I get for you?"

The girl was smiling; she always seemed to be smiling, though when Emily had pointed that out once, Christine had rolled her eyes and said, "Emily, she's smiling at you."

This was what I actually matched with Kelsey on and the video is the CUTEST THING, so I definitely wanted to write something even though I ran out of time for a second long story! I've been thinking for a while about a coffee shop AU where the barista character is a little shy or awkward and flirts through use of the customized specials board, and I jumped at the chance to try it here. Fun fact: Jaz is loosely inspired by one of my friends, who occasionally appears in this journal under the codename Jellybean. Except the real Jellybean is so much more. "More what?" you may ask? MORE EVERYTHING.


and we'll never be royals (Sungkyunkwan Scandal; Rated G; Kim Yoon-hee/Lee Sun-joon, Moon Jae-shin, Gu Yong-ha, a couple cameos; 2200 words)
In one life, Kim Yoon-hee first met Lee Sun-joon in a loud disagreement over eminent domain in Professor Jung's first year constitutional law class. They argued each other to a standstill while the rest of the class looked on, open-mouthed, and then they argued for another six months until Yoon-hee kissed him in the middle of the law library. Kim Yoon-hee was a devoted daughter and sister, a second-year student at the top of her class, and a law-abiding citizen.

Spoiler alert: in her other life, Kim Yoon-hee is known as Daemul and she's in a revolutionary Robin Hood trio with Moon Jae-shin and Gu Yong-ha. [personal profile] acerbictomes's prompt was super fun -- Ocean's 11 heists! law school! -- and I ran with it. Any time I get to reference Ha In-soo's terrifying murder eyes soul-stare, I am filled with joy.

(I actually super want a full-length Sungkyunkwan Scandal AU to exist and have been writing bits of one [not like "and we'll never be royals"; different scenario!] for about a year. It'll never see the light of day, since I know enough to know that I know absolutely nothing about South Korea, Joseon-era or otherwise, but it's a fun thought!)


he ain't heavy (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries; Rated G; Gigi Darcy, Fitz Williams, William Darcy; 1600 words)
"Sooo," Fitz says, and she feels a little sick again, "was I gettin' a little bit of a matchmaker vibe down there, or am I totally losing it?"

"Um," says Gigi miserably, because that's an understatement. "You're not totally losing it."

"Always a good thing to hear," he says, friendly like always. They're quiet for a moment. "Gigi, you know your brother's, like, straight as an arrow, right?"

When teenage Gigi finds out that her crush on her brother's friend can't possibly go anywhere, it creates an opportunity for Schemes. [ profile] notababoonbrandishingastick asked for Figi shenanigans, which was all I wound up wanting out of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries in the end (along with Gigi/Lydia) after it disappointed me in the back half. To write this, I rewatched a ton of episodes for the first time in a long time, and it was a nice reminder of the things that I used to love about the show! Like Gigi and Fitz (their Twitter exchanges were the best), and the bits of Gigi and Darcy's relationship that we saw.

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