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Yuletide 2013 recs: part 1!

It is Yuletide. This means: EAT THE ARCHIVES!! I liked a lot in the beginning of the alphabet this year; Brooklyn 99 and Elementary alone took about half a day. &yuletide;!

College First
(Wednesday goes away to college and has daughters. The Addams Family touches are SO VERY ADDAMS FAMILY, IT'S AMAZING.)
As they were only hurting each other, I don't see how it's a problem. It's not as if they're hurting the other children.”

The gleam in Scylla's eyes warned Wednesday that it was only a matter of time. Charybdis simply grinned.

And all the while we wear a party smile
(The family interaction is great in this one.)
“Uncle Fester!” Morticia says. “I am ashamed that you would compare the children to one another like that. Pubert is an incredible fire-starter; Pugsley makes the most marvelous explosives; and Wednesday wields weapons and devices of pain like she was born to it. It's important to appreciate them all for their own talents.”

The Pocket Prometheus
(All of the Addams Family fics this year did a killer job of capturing the movies'/show's tone. I love Wednesday and Pugsley in this one!)
“Wednesday,” he said, seemingly ignoring her reassurances, “What's this bitter almond flavoring in the topping? I don't recognize it.”

“It's the taste of sisterly affection, Pugsley,” she said without skipping a beat.

A Slice of Heaven
(I've been laughing at this for like an hour. FORBIDDEN PIZZA ROMANCE.)
Cheese considered that for awhile, very seriously. As a philosophical issue, it was fairly weighty for her. At last, she said “I suppose, O fairest of pepper-maidens, that I expected you to be in a class above us due to your lofty physical situation on a higher shelf, and the immutable fact that we share very few ingredients, you and I. Thus it was that I did not expect you to share my customs as my sisters Hawaiian and Pepperoni do.”

“That’s kind of silly,” Vegan told her firmly. “I’d be hurt by that assumption if I hadn’t been listening to you talk to the others and knew you’re not a jerk about things, just flowery.”

the loom and the thread will hold
(Lovely, gentle fic about Kaisa's parents visiting.)
Beside her, Kaisa murmured her thanks to the servant who refilled her wine glass; it was a habit she had picked up from Ash. Lilias’ eyes widened at the familiarity, but she said nothing. Still, Ash felt her cheeks heat in embarrassment, and hoped the high shadows cast by the candles would hide it. Underneath the table, Kaisa bumped a leg against hers.

Adrift Ashore
(Jack is out of sorts when he can't be at sea, and he gets amnesia after a blow to the head. The O'Brian voice is perfect!)
J.A.,’ he said aloud, gazing at the timepiece. ‘I wonder does it stand for John?’ His voice echoed forlornly in the empty space, and of a sudden he felt very exposed and vulnerable, without a soul in sight. He shivered in the sunlight and stood carefully, using the wheelbarrow to support himself through the accompanying dizziness until he felt well enough to step out on his own.

A Gentlelady and her Books
(Belle is the beast! Her one rule is BOOKS!)
She snarled, and yes, those teeth were a bit terrifying - more than a bit, if Adam were honest with himself - but the light was back on in her eyes.

“What did I say about books out of the house in winter?” she demanded. “It’s one rule!”

All Night
(Okay, I'll admit it - I initially read in this fandom because Zayn Malik is the only guy in the band whose name I know, and because he made a super attractive lady in the video, hot damn. That said, the fics were delightful -- in this one, the author did a great job of fleshing out characters who appeared in a six-minute music video and making them immediately recognizable, and I sympathized with Veronica's party-planning, and the romance between Veronica and Georgia Rose made me wish this version of Georgia Rose had appeared in the video!)
"You feel like dancing?"

It would be easy to say no. Before the summer, Veronica would have said no. It's easier in so many ways to stick to the sidelines and just pop up and do her job when she has to...or it was before she danced with an extremely famous pop star.

Us Invisibles
(Poor Marcel the marketing guy is having a very bad day. I loved that Veronica is basically the shadow lord running the company! This fic gave me administrative assistant feelings.)
Even worse than the realization that not only had their pitch been totally wrong and that the clients had hated it, was the knowledge that Marcel had less than zero idea about how to pitch anything better, because it turned out he had the music industry know-how of a musically-challenged goldfish. Or worse, a tone-deaf crab. Or a narwhal, although Marcel secretly quite liked the idea of being a narwhal. In a way, they were the secret unicorn kings of the sea, and there was something about that that appealed. Narwhals weren't forced to learn the entire history of boy bands in the space of two weeks, either, which was another point in their favor.

Noble and Most Ancient
(This is a pitch perfect Black Books fic which also happens to be a Harry Potter crossover [as in - Bernard BLACK].)
Bernard looked around blankly, then yelped and jumped up as he spotted the bird. "It's them! They've found me!" He picked up the nearest book and pitched it at the owl, fortunately falling short by an order of magnitude. That didn't stop him throwing another. "No! I won't go back, I won't! You can't make me, I don't care what the hat says! Take your brooms and your potions and your... transbology against the dark creatures. I won't!"

BODY (movie concept)
Five Times Danny Chose Daniel
(This was super cute! It's fun and tropey in all my favorite ways.)
“Would you rather share my bed?” Danny asked, raising an eyebrow.

Daniel raised an eyebrow right back at him. Not while I'm working, he thought, but didn't say anything.

But Never Too Much
(YESSSSSS Rosa and Amy should totally make out!!)
"Hey," said Rosa. "Want to make out?"

"What?" Amy laughed, nervously. "I don't- I mean, you're a colleague, and I don't want to make the workplace awkward, and, uh, Jake said you bite the heads off your lovers and I don't want to die."

a distinct lack of tutus
(UNDERCOVER AT A GAY BAR. Awesome voices for everyone!)
Just for that, Amy googles eva green james bond and finds inspiration in the first page of image results. She's got a filthy tease of a purple dress in her closet that she hasn't worn since college, she pulls her hair into a sleek side ponytail, and she engages in grim battle with an ancient kohl pencil until her eyes look, if not smoky, at least dark.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being a Cop
(There is a giant stuffed bear named Detective Bear. BEAR PUNS. This is so funny and reads so well!)
Not for the first time this week, Amy mentally runs through the list of reasons why she can't kill [Peralta]. Number one: Captain Holt would be really disappointed in her.

flowers start to bloom in every different hue
(Man, it is not easy taking a character who the reader knows as a child and then writing her as a teenager who's both a believable teenager and recognizably an older version of that child, and the author does it with aplomb here -- Coraline and Wybie both are completely charming!)
It’s senior year, and it’s winter break, and it’s December twentieth, and it’s Coraline’s eighteenth birthday, and she’s crashing down the hall, singing Christmas carols at the top of her lungs. “Long lay the world!” she bellows. “In sin and error pining! Till he appEARED and the SOUL felt its WORTH!” She can hear her father singing along as she rockets past his office. Her mother pokes her head out of the kitchen and glares at her. Coraline’s parents are tragically devoid of Christmas spirit. There’s a tree in the living room, but it hasn’t been decorated; the halls are not noticeably decked. Coraline’s parents both have deadlines very near to Christmas, and they’ll be working almost up until the day. Until then, they won’t have any Christmas spirit at all.

Luckily, Coraline has enough Christmas spirit for everyone.

These Mortal Lullabies
(So this genuinely made me cry. It's Dead Poets' Society mixed with Orpheus and Eurydice, and it's remarkable.)
Todd breaks into a run, forgetting Robin, forgetting fear. "Neil! Neil! Can you hear me?" Neil remains at Persephone's feet, staring out at nothing in particular. The face and form are his, but the spirit is gone. Todd's skin crawls.

"He cannot," the queen of the underworld says. Her voice is nothing like Todd would expect: it's terribly, horribly gentle. If her husband is the face of death most know, the grim reaper, then Persephone is the other face of death, the one that lays a soft kiss on your brow and tells you to rest.

A Princess and a Warrior Walk into a Tower
(SO CUTE! Mulan and Jasmine climb Rapunzel's tower; the ladies are all true to their characterizations and awesome, and all of the talking animals made me laugh!)
“Come with us for a little while. If you’re uncomfortable, we’ll return you to the tower and your Mother Gothel will be none the wiser.” Jasmine’s voice spoke of pure sensibility. She could go from sarcastic to pragmatic in a blink, which was why Mulan knew she would make a fantastic ruler one day. But for now, she crossed her arms over her chest and smiled, encouragingly.

Annum Novum
(The world-building and the level of detail and research involved was really impressive to me -- quiet and lovely, and long.)
Esca had learned that the Roman word for slave, 'servus', also meant 'preserved'. A fellow slave at the ludus had explained it to him: the Romans called their war slaves for the living dead - the preserved - because, rightfully their life had been taken from them when they were captured instead of killed. Esca was beginning to think maybe he really had lost his life when he became a slave; and maybe when Marcus freed him he was given a new one. In his years as a slave he had remembered only blood and war. But out here now, in the green hills, he found himself for the first time able to think back to his life before without the heavy sickness in his belly: river-bathing with his friends, lying on his back in the meadow on a summer day and looking up at the blue sky, working in the field in harvest-time side by side with his brothers.

Team the Best Team
(Alfredo/Bell/Ms. Hudson. YESSSSSSSS.)
About two hours later, Marcus was wondering if he should thank Alfredo or arrest him. Man knew just a little too much about breaking into cars, hot-wiring them, and then fencing them.

"Don't look at me like that," said Alfredo, elbow-deep in a recovered car.

All I Want for Christmas is You (to Help Me Find Evidence to Take Down a Brainwashing, Kidnapping Cult)
(Found family on Christmas - Holmes, Watson, Bell, and Ms. Hudson! Delightful character voices, with bonus Watson/Ms. Hudson and women's hockey! [BOSTON BLADES])
“Are we bad people,” she asked Sherlock, “for spending the holidays avoiding our families?”

He glanced up at her as he picked through the tin. “You know my answer.”

tabula rasa
(Slice of life fabulousness! With the Elementary version of "The Adventure of the Three Garridebs," aka my favorite Holmes story *_*)
The bees, it turns out, are actually good company.

They’re (relatively) quiet, don’t take up much room and aren’t into the habit of bursting into her room at 5am, pulling clothes out of her closet and throwing them on the bed whilst declaring that there’s been a murder with an unnecessary amount of enthusiasm.

Hark the Herald Reptiles Sing
(Awesome character voices. Poor Clyde is put-upon.)
"No, Watson—I feel quite safe from your depredations at present. The only daunting projectile within your reach is Clyde. And we both know you've grown far too attached to him to consider lobbing him at my head."

"Under no circumstances should Clyde be classified as a projectile!"

Perils of Entomology
(I know I keep saying this, but it's true - I can hear all of these lines in the actors' voices!)
“Oh, come now,” Sherlock says derisively. “Captain, you really believe this dullard could commit a murder?”

“In my line of business, you learn that most crimes are in fact committed by dull, ordinary people,” Gregson says with narrowed eyes. “Sorry real life isn’t exciting enough for you. Now, go home – we’ll call you in when we actually need you.”

If I Didn't Know Better
(FAKE MARRIAGE! Super charming and funny.)
"Oh good, you're up!" Sherlock jumped up from the table. "I need you to marry me."

"Yeah, I'm not going to do that," Joan said. She walked into the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee.

Escape Velocity
(Han and Gisele IN SPAAAAAACE. Full of fun sci-fi details, with quite possibly the greatest author's note of all time.)
He watches her aim and shoot, sending a pulse of energy at the leading probeship. It hits close to the body, just under the wing, the perfect place to send the ship into a tailspin and forcing the probeship behind it to veer hard to the side to avoid a collision.

“Did you just hit that coupler from here?” Han asks in disbelief.

Gisele winks at him, lifts the gun to aim again and Han knows that he is genuinely in love.

Hold Fast
(Letty's getting her memory back. I had family feels.)
She pulled back and punched him, hard, in the shoulder. “I remember you leaving me in the Dominican Republic like I was some kind of fucking damsel in distress.”

Where She Belongs
(A lovely coda to the game with Celes finding her home.)
"If we aren't going home," he says, "why don't we go celebrate?"

"Have somewhere in mind?" Setzer asks. There's a gleam in his eyes to match the one in Locke's. Celes feels as though she ought to protest, but she is no longer an enforcer of law and order, nor a rebel against an unjust order. She can be anyone she wants to be.

The World That Breathes
(Longfic set several years after the end of the game, starring grown-up Relm and guest-starring the whole cast. An engrossing take on what the world -- and the characters -- would be like after Kefka and magic are gone, and on Relm finding her way.)
The paintings of Doma Castle were old and damaged. Relm was restoring them, line by line, pigment by pigment. It was stupid, repetitive, mindless work. Relm was surprised to discover that it made her happy.

"Do you think," Relm asked, "that there is any chance he will stop archly hinting what a beautiful couple Gau and I make?"

"No," Sabin said. "Pretty much zero chance. Take it as a compliment that he considers your hand worthy of Gau."

"THE FOX" - YLVIS (music video)
A Place in the Choir
(Dystopian 'what does the fox say'; I found it fairly upsetting so be warned, but I was fucking fascinated by the take on the video and by the world that the author built.)
Still, he can't help shaking his head. No wonder they'd called this op Lazarov's folly! "With all due respect, General," he says (he's proud his voice is measured and even), "this isn't Lemming or Mouse we're dealing with. This is a Sprit that's held out longer than even Wolf and Raven. Even the Barrier won't hold him long enough for me to Bind him."

Lazarov laughs. Smith feels the hair on the back of his neck prickle "My dear boy," he says, his lips twisting with quiet amusement. " Or course it won't. You underestimate me. I'm bringing you a Vessel who knows Fox's True Song."
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