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Hey y'all, I'm looking for things to do, for someone with no mobility who has gone deaf. She's home all day and is bored out of her mind, but her eyesight isn't great when it comes to focusing; closed captioning on the TV is too small and moves too quickly, and reading books is out of the question. Computer is a possibility, though she's not a computer whiz and anything that involves a lot of cognitive power is difficult. I know that's a big list of things that won't work, but any ideas would be super appreciated!
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Puzzles? And not necessarily just jigsaw puzzles, but like -- those puzzles they sell at Marbles stores, you know what I'm talking about? That you have to manipulate with your hands?

Or drawing/coloring/painting of some sort? Matisse did collage when he lost the ability to paint, I think.
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Is there any craft that they enjoyed in the past? When my vertigo was too bad to watch TV or use the computer for long, I made birthday cards. This can be done pretty cheaply with some second hand magazines (architecture magazines are great), glue, scissors and cardboard. Lots of discount stores have little craft kits at very low prices.
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Has she tried large print books? My mother-in-law uses those with a magnifying glass to help. They come in lots of varieties, and some magazines even have large print versions. Including word puzzle books, which might be of interest, too.
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Maybe some fabric crafts that don't require a lot of fine focus? Large-square quilting, making those rugs where you just knot the edges together, things like that?
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Silent movies, maybe? Very limited dialog, printed large on the screen. I don't know if silent movies as a genre are her speed, and I don't know what kind of selection is available, but if there are even a few to try it might add some variety.
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Crochet? Especially with the really thick recycled t-shirt yarns - you don't need a lot of grip to hold a thick crochet hook, and you make quick and satisfying progress. Those rag rugs are fun and easy to make.
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How's her manual dexterity? It's a little silly, but what about some toys? Something like those magnet sets that you can build towers with.

Or even Legos, if you have any hanging around. Doesn't require any intense concentration, but definitely a time waster!
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Lots of great crafty ideas here, as far as things she could maybe watch, cartoons are great. The old Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies a the best. Most of those don't have a lot of dialogue, especially toons like Tom and Jerry, Roadrunner and Coyote, and others along that vein. It sounds silly, I know, but they hold up really well and still appeal to a lot of people no matter what age. I took a film class once where we spent a whole night watching those, and they had everyone in the theater rolling, from the teenagers to the old folks.

And, you can get them in collections on DVD, or YouTube 'em. \o/

Soap operas (and novelas, hee) are good, too, because by nature they are way overly acted and dramatic, so it's not hard to guess what's going on. And, you can make up your own story along the way if you have to to figure out who's cheating on who, who murdered whatshisname, and who's the baby-daddy.

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This is probably less interesting if you don't know the songs, so the selection might be limited, but there are a bunch of ASL music videos on YouTube, which I find kind of interesting even without the sound.

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Oh, also, depending on the quality of her eyesight, lava lamps? And maybe nature documentaries, since the visuals are still cool even if you can't hear the narration. I'm fond of Winged Migration.

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Also physical comedy -- I know Mr. Bean, for example, is mostly dialogue-free (and very popular in my family).