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Yuletide letter

Hello, Yuletide author!

You've received a very easy assignment, in that I'm going to love anything that you write! I'm thoroughly delighted that you enjoy one of these fandoms too, much less wrote a gift for me in it! Yuletide has become one of my favorite winter traditions and I'm so excited. A couple quick things before I really get going here: I know people sometimes wonder whether holiday-themed stories would be cool with their recipients; they'd be cool with me, if you wanted to go that route! Also cool with me if it's something that comes up: inventing/using original characters as needed. And finally: I have a couple of Korean dramas listed, and while I tend to spell names a certain way, I'm totally not bothered by romanizing them in any other way or any spelling. As long as it's consistent, I'm good!

Things that I love: friendships and family (both blood-related family and found family) and people being concerned about & caring for each other, and protecting each other. I'm a sucker for the occasional hurt/comfort. I love humor and competence and awesome ladies, and happy (or hopeful) endings. I'm cool with violence and/or sex scenes as long as they work in the context of the story. I tend to prefer stories that mesh well with the general feeling of the source canon; ie: not taking a light-hearted sitcom canon and writing a darkfic of torture and death and maimery. I love banter and warm moments, but if it matches with the canon's feel, I can absolutely go for sadder, darker stuff as well. Go with your own judgment and have fun writing, and I will be delighted! Things that I'm usually not into in fiction: incest, rape, infidelity, character death, porn without plot, romantic relationships with big power differentials (ie: boss/employee, teacher/student). I actually really love AU's, but the canons that I've requested have such small fandoms that I'd love to see straight-up canon fic for them (with the exception of the one request where I mentioned a possible AU prompt!).

Now I'm going to talk about request ideas and ramble a bit about what I like about these characters/canons! Please take all of it with many grains of salt; I'm chucking out a bunch of information in the hopes that something in it will be helpful to you, not because I intend it to be a laundry list of stuff that I ~*expect*~ to see in a fic. If you're someone who prefers to work with less outside detail, you can definitely stop reading this letter here! If you go on: you may notice that the write-up for each request is shorter as I go on. This is not an indicator of my interest level; it is 1000% a product of getting sleepier and sleepier as I write this letter.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Moon Jae-shin, Gu Yong-ha
Optional details: I love the entire Jalgeum quartet with everything in me, but Yong-ha and Jae-shin hold a special place in my heart! I'd love to read anything about them, along any point in the timeline of their friendship - meeting as kids? I can only imagine what in god's name Yong-ha was like as a child. Running around as teenagers, having misadventures as young adults, Yong-ha guilting Jae-shin into going to class, exploring their lives after the end of the series or after 'the end' but before that little epilogue, Jae-shin saving the day (Yong-ha's always the one to swoop in and save Jae-shin's [usually copiously-bleeding] bacon, WHICH I LOVE, but turning the tables could be interesting!), a modern AU where Jae-shin runs a seditious blog?? I'm game for anything! I love the push and pull of their relationship, and while I do ship it, I'm super happy to read them as bff's, as well.

My god. This show. I love so many things about Sungkyunkwan Scandal (unapologetic feminism! sports training montages! puppy piles! ROOMMATE SHENANIGANS!), but most of all, it's the friendships. (I only requested Yong-ha and Jae-shin because they're my heart of hearts, but in case it's helpful, I feel that YOON-HEE and Sun-joon [and also Yoon-hee/Sun-joon] are so great too!) I didn't write this post but I might as well have -- it very neatly encapsulates so much of what I love about the characters in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Also I will always appreciate this show for bringing the phrase "The homosexual is me" into my daily vocabulary.

The long history behind Yong-ha and Jae-shin's friendship appeals to me, as does their entire button-pushing (and face-pushing) dynamic -- Yong-ha's fabulousness and entire troll life (and the fact that he is a total coward about ridiculous things but has balls of steel when it counts), Jae-shin's faily gruffness hiding a tortured idealist/poet/faily hiccuping dweeb's interior, the fact that they both spend so much time pretending they don't care (aside from Yong-ha's Jae-shin exception, since he happily, shamelessly demonstrates his feelings about Jae-shin CONSTANTLY) (BUT THEY DO CARE!)... I'm getting carried away. In summation: I love this show, I love these characters, and I'll love anything that you write about them. I was pretty fascinated by Yong-ha openly admitting to his raging case of feelings for Jae-shin and I'd be interested to see it explored, but will be happy too if you'd rather go in a less shippy direction! I was also interested in the 11th hour appearance of Yong-ha's father and what in the f that relationship/those expectations were like. Go anywhere! Fly free! Out of everything in the show, I was probably the least interested in the political intrigue, so this is my one request where I'd be totally cool with AU if you felt like setting the characters in a different time!

Days of Our Lives
Sonny Kiriakis
Optional details: I find Sonny really interesting. He's such a chill, upstanding, practical dude (I'm pretty convinced that without Sonny, half the cast would be dead like 500x over at this point), and yet his snark is hilarious and I also feel like he would be a terrifying person to have lined up against you if you really made him angry! I'm all about his relationship with Will, but I think Sonny tends to get sidelined a lot on the show; he's generally there as support for Will. Which, don't get me wrong, I love! But for Yuletide, I'd love to see a story where the focus is on Sonny, and/or where Will's the one supporting him this time around. I'd be interested in something set before or after Sonny comes back to Salem!

So I think Days of Our Lives is COMPLETELY HILARIOUS, which I say with all the love in the world. It's just so over the top! I appreciate Sonny for often being the practical voice of reason, and I also enjoy the occasional moment where he's like NOPE and just punches the bigot in the face or gets petulant and cranky or drops truthbombs, hilarious or otherwise. I feel like he has this fascinating mix of trying really hard to give people the benefit of the doubt, but also being super practical (which means questioning people's motives, because it's Salem), and I always appreciate it when the show allows him to get mad about something. I'd love anything that focused on Sonny, set at any point in the timeline! Coming to terms with being gay as a teenager? Adventuring around the world before returning to Salem? What's his relationship with his brothers like, and why are they never around/mentioned despite how close the Kiriakis family seems to be? Making friends in Salem, dealing with the emotional fallout of Will or Chad getting shot, working on the business, teaching Ari to walk? Is he even still in school at this point?? Seriously, you could write a fic entitled 'Sonny woke up late today and then went to buy milk' and I'd be pretty much thrilled!

Stuff that may be helpful to know, since there's a wide difference of opinion in and around fandom: I love Will as well, I love Sonny/Will (they're such dorkfaces; they make me laugh so much and I love the warmth and rapport between them), I like them with the baby, I love their relationships with their respective families, I love their friendships (I find T hilarious/delightful now, and I also really love their friendships with Chad, Abigail, Melanie, and Cameron, and Will's with Gabi and Marlena), I love like every single lady on the show (Kate, Sami, Adrienne, Melanie, Gabi, Abigail, Nicole, Caroline, Kinsey, Marlena!), I'm not super interested in Brent or Brian, I'd rather not see Gabi erased from her daughter's life, and I generally appreciate the way that the narrative has had them dealing with Nick -- acknowledging that what he went through was awful, but not allowing it to stand as an excuse for the way he treated Will and Sonny.

Ugly Betty
Marc St. James, Cliff St. Paul
Optional details: Marc and Cliff barely exist as a pairing in fandom, and they never got even a single kiss on the show, and I request them every chance that I get because I think it'd be cool to change that! I'd prefer not focusing on the cheating/break-up (unless you want to do a post-canon story where they meet up again, in which case the cheating/break-up would obviously need to be addressed, and I would be totally good with that!), because Marc's panic and subsequent terrible treatment of Cliff makes me super sad.

I've received lovely fic for this kind of request before, but I will never be tired of it! I'd love to see moments where we can actually understand why they dated for, like, a year, given that we often saw Marc being kind of a jerk to Cliff! Or seeing Marc dealing with/overcoming his beauty on the outside vs. beauty on the inside issues, or -- seriously, I know I'm talking a lot here but I would be so, so thrilled with anything that you chose to write about these guys. Bittersweet or sad are totally fine tones to take; they would definitely match Ugly Betty's tones. I am just requesting that the entire story is not soul-crushing misery, please!

What I like about them: the humor factor (oh, the quips; I miss them), how well they seem to support each other, the fact that Marc is a sucker for Cliff being a huge dork, the way that Cliff is capable of making Marc laugh at himself, that moment where they're watching Psycho and you can see Marc make the decision to be flirty and they hold hands and kick each others' feet, LOTS OF OTHER STUFF!

Side note: I love pretty much the entire cast, with particularly special places in my heart for Marc's relationships with Justin and Amanda (and her distaste for Cliff) and Wilhelmina (I just started listing half the cast and had to stop myself; EVERYONE, I LOVE EVERYONE), so if you feel like writing anyone else in, you're golden!

인현황후의 남자 | Inhyeonhwanghu-ui Namja | Queen In-hyun's Man
Choi Hee-jin, Kim Bong-do
Optional details: This show destroyed me and put me back together again and then destroyed me so many times, but it was so worth it!! I love the two of them - I love Bong-do's morals and intelligence/thoughtfulness and quiet sense of mischief (and the fact that he never, ever wrist-grabs), and I love Hee-jin's warmth and sense of fun and utter unwillingness to take anyone's bullshit (especially her jackass ex-boyfriend's). They were wonderful together, and I was left so curious about what their life after the show would be like - I'd love to see that explored! Or an explanation of what in the world the series's opening scene was all about? Seriously, as long as it's Bong-do and Hee-jin (and you don't break my soul with sadness), I'll be happy!

Bong-do adroitly learning to maneuver in the modern world constituted some of my favorite parts of this series, along with Hee-jin's attempts to convince him that, like, making out was how people in 2012 say 'hello.' I loved the playfulness of their relationship in their lighter moments, and their complete willingness to give up everything for each other in their less-light moments. I'm especially interested in what in the world they do with their lives at the end of the series (and how they explain Bong-do all over again, and how he begins to have his own life in the modern era, and where Hee-jin's career goes)! I also super love the supporting cast in this, so anyone you want to include is gravy! Hee-jin and Bong-do are just my absolute favorites.

Fast and the Furious series
Gisele Harabo, Han Lue
Optional details: I really liked Gisele and Han together - they were fun, and I do love a dude who appreciates a lady who could murderize him! I'd love to hear about some of their adventures together prior to Fast & Furious 6.

Highlight for Fast and Furious 6 spoilers: so, that was a bummer, right?? I'd prefer to hear about them before Gisele's death, because it makes me cry even if it was inevitable since Han was also slated for vehicular-related death (thanks a lot, Tokyo Drift!). I enjoy what little we see of their relationship -- I love how starry-eyed Han is and that he's the one pushing for settling down, and how competent and in-sync they are while still shooting each other all those sly looks and seeming to have fun together and enjoy each others' company. I also have really strong feelings about found family, so I'm down for the inclusion of any of the rest of the cast that you feel like writing (I like everybody, in the canon pairings) -- I'm just most interested in a story about Gisele and Han living it up before Fast and Furious 6!

She Keeps Me Warm - Mary Lambert (music video)
Reading customer, barista
Optional details: This music video is just the sweetest thing. I love it and I love the ladies in it. I want to know about them - go hog-wild!

This video is so lovely. Coffee shop AU of my heart! I saw an interview where Lambert said she wanted to make it after realizing she couldn't think of any music videos with a queer female love story, and while I'm sure there are some out there in the world, this is the first one I've seen, too, and I found it really affecting. I love the shy little glances that they shoot each other; I love the romance of the long spin-around kiss. I'd be interested in anything about the two of them, either together or apart!

IN CONCLUSION: I hope this letter and the links to my Tumblr were helpful and not overwhelming, Yuletide writer. Please trust me when I say that I will deeply appreciate and love and kickyfeet with joy over anything that you write for me. ♥

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