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Yule reveals!


Wake Up and Find for [personal profile] flyingthesky (narrator/baseball player, "You Belong with Me" - University of Rochester Yellowjackets)
Up and Over We Go for [personal profile] automaticdoor (Ben/Leslie & April/Andy, Parks and Recreation)
Close Personal Protection for [personal profile] scissorphishe (bodyguard & teacher, Body [movie concept])

Wake Up and Find ("You Belong with Me" - University of Rochester Yellowjackets [music video]; Rated T; narrator/baseball player; 27,000 words)
Across the side yard, Eli waved from what was apparently his bedroom window. Danny slowly began to smile, and his smile only grew as Eli held up one finger to signal him to wait. He bent over something on his desk, then held up a piece of computer paper. It was a sign, CHECK IT :) written in black Sharpie.

Danny couldn’t find any paper in the mess, so he scrawled NOT BAD! on the side of a box and held it up to the window.

I feel like I almost don't even need to "reveal" that I wrote this, because just about anybody who's been around this journal for the last few years probably saw that there was a 25k fic for that video and thought "HAHAHA okay Lexie." For people who haven't been around that long -- I found the video several years ago, fell in love with it, and have been nominating it for Yuletide ever since (which means that the asininely-named character tags are my fault, sorry), dragging several people down with me every year via linking the video everywhere I can possibly think of. This year, one person requested it. I couldn't find their letter or figure out who'd done it and was sad, because I wanted to write treats. And then assignments came in, and reader, I laughed til I cried. Somehow, with 15-20 people offering the fandom, I was assigned the one request.

[personal profile] flyingthesky wanted to know how long the two characters had been friends and how long one had been playing baseball. That's what sent me back into their childhood and what ultimately made the fic so lengthy -- I underestimated how long a story would need to be in order to cover ten years chronologically. I squeezed in as many references to the song lyrics as I could. I really wanted to write a queer love story that wasn't super angsty and wasn't about coming out, since I feel like those are two (important!) narratives that are generally already well-covered in media; I also really wanted to write a love triangle that didn't demonize the one woman. I don't know how successful I was on any of those counts, but I tried!

I'm thinking about maybe posting some deleted scenes and eventually writing the last chapter (which I'd originally planned but then ran out of time for, because I was deeply overambitious) as a sequel? Maybe that's too self-indulgent, I don't know, man! It was a really fun experience, and it's the longest thing I've ever written, and I'm fond of the characters and happy with the way it turned out; [personal profile] flyingthesky gave awesome prompts.


Up and Over We Go (Parks and Recreation; Rated T; Ben/Leslie, April/Andy, Ann, Tom; 5300 words)
“You know, that lot is known around here as the park ‘n makeout.” Leslie paused, and then he could hear the smiling promise in her voice. “It’s not the catchiest name, but it is an accurate one.”

“Oh yeah?” Ben asked, chin in his hand as he grinned helplessly, and then April walked past, snatched his cell phone out of his hand, and underhanded it onto the couch with enough force that it buried itself in the space between two cushions.

“No personal phone conversations in the house!” she yelled over her shoulder as she departed.

This was a pinch hit that I lunged for the second that I saw [personal profile] automaticdoor's hilarious prompt; she wanted to know more about the time when Ben was living with April and Andy, especially about how Ben and Leslie made, uh, private time happen, given the necessity of secrecy and the state of Leslie's house. Any assignment that forces me to rewatch Parks and Rec episodes is an excellent assignment.

I used April's ridiculous house rules from "Jerry's Painting" as a sort of vague framing device, figuring she'd remember them (and enforce them) even if no one else did. They went: "You can't use the front door; you have to climb in through the back window. No personal phone conversations. If you ever speak to me in Spanish, please use the formal usted. And no electricity after 6:00 PM. A couple more rules: if you ever watch a sad movie, you have to wear mascara so we can see whether or not you've been crying. There's no noise allowed on Mondays. And no TV after breakfast."


Close Personal Protection (Body [movie concept]; Rated T; bodyguard, teacher; 4000 words)
“Marisol,” says Bhatnagar, like he’s being gentle, “it was just some weird letters and an accident; an elderly gentleman fell asleep at the wheel for a second or some kid had been playing too much Grand Theft Auto. No one is trying to hurt me.”

Hallelujah. “Excuse me,” says Lee, and when they both turn to look at him like they’ve suddenly remembered he’s there, he folds his arms. “Hi. Is anyone paying my retainer, or can I get the hell outta dodge?”

I knew I wanted to write something for this the second that I saw the Tumblr post and realized that some genius soul had nominated it; it was icing on the cake when I realized that [personal profile] scissorphishe (who wrote one of my awesome "You Belong with Me" gifts last year) had requested it, and that the Thoughts I'd been having about what to do with a story like this fit in perfectly with the prompts she'd listed. If I'd had more time, it would have been hilariously long, so it's probably for the best that it was a Madness treat!

I was thinking Lethal Weapon meets The Bodyguard meets MacGyver meets ... god knows; the disreputable ne'er do well with a chip on his shoulder comes face to face with the out-of-his-depth motor-mouthed idealist, and they have ACTION ADVENTURES in which they run from the bad guys and figure out the mystery and fall in loooove and junk. Because I'm a loser who laughs at her own jokes, the fight scene in Whole Foods and "Come with me if you want to jam" makes me laugh like a hyena.

I successfully guessed two of my Yuletide authors' identities! I beta'd a fabulous Young Avengers fic for [ profile] Dett, who then turned around and wrote me pale blue eyes; I also figured out that [personal profile] littledust wrote If You're Down to Get Down, after incorrectly accusing her of being the mystery author behind The Rule of Cool (when really, IT WAS [personal profile] skygiants ALL ALONG). I never in a million years would have guessed, though, that the same person wrote both my Hellboy and Static Shock gifts! All the props to [ profile] mtgat for Fire and Water and the Car That Went Zoom and with the roses of the may. THANK YOU, EVERYONE! What a Yuletide. ♥

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