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jingling bells!

Merry Christmas, y'all who celebrate, and happy day-off to everyone who doesn't! I hope you have had as lazy and lovely a day as I have. I'm writing this from in front of the Christmas tree, watching the snow fall, so life is pretty fucking grand. IT'S YULETIDE! Amazing Yuletide presents: I HAVE THEM! There is a Madness treat waiting for me as well, apparently, because I contain a multitude of riches this year; I'll add it to this post tomorrow when that archive opens!

EDIT: There were two Madness treats, and I am now officially that ridiculous (SO LUCKY) bastard who got every single one of her requests! This is me right now, with all of my gifts. I saw my letter go out on the pinch hit list; thank you, pinch hitters and treat writers of the world. ♥

Fire and Water and the Car That Went Zoom, by [ profile] mtgat
Hellboy (movies)
Liz scooted the iron to the Community Chest, and picked up a card, holding it against the tank. "I've taken second place in a beauty pageant," Abe declared with detached amusement. He fanned his face with one fin-like hand and attempted to bat his eyes. "I'd like to thank the judges, and Elvis."

A giggle burst out of her unexpectedly, and with it a memory bubbled up: playing this game with her grandmother, over a child's tea party set. She'd played games with Liz for hours, not minding when the decks of cards had to be replaced, nor when the plastic chess pieces deformed in her hands. "That's just my hot-blooded girl," she'd said with a sigh and a kiss, and helped Liz clean up. ("Always clean up your own mistakes," she'd say, "but it's good to have a friend when you do.")

My Liz Sherman feelings are infinite, and this fic does her so, so right, y'all. It's Liz, Abe, and Hellboy before the first movie, playing Monopoly, and that is a summary that doesn't do it justice at all (because I'm terrible at summaries). It's bittersweet and sad and hopeful all at once, with friendships and characterization that's just right, and I've already reread it at least five times to catch all of the quiet moments.

The Rule of Cool, by [ profile] ryfkah
Gravity Falls
“I think maybe something's wrong with the DVD,” said Wendy, which was when Kickpuncher punched his way out through the television, followed by a horde of angry possibly-velociraptors.

“Kickpuncher!” shrieked Kickpuncher's love interest. “You've punched a hole . . . in the fourth wall!

“Oh, fudge,” muttered Mabel. She threw the bowl of popcorn at the leading velociraptor, and grabbed for her grappling hook. Someone had to get Waddles out of velociraptor range fast, or her pig was going to end up as bacon!

I know that quote spoils a critical moment, but it is SO FUNNY, I couldn't help myself!! Not only does this fic combine: (a) Mabel, Wendy, Candy, and Grenda; (b) Kickpuncher from Community; (c) velociraptors; and (d) my favorite one-minute canon of Yuletide 2012, but it does so in a way that completely makes in-universe sense, with pitch-perfect character voices and Mabel narrative.

pale blue eyes, by [ profile] Dett
Young Avengers/Hawkeye
"Not at all, Hawkingbird," Tommy replies easily, all bravado and swagger--that is, until Kate touches a segment of ripped skin, making him hiss in pain for just a brief moment before covering it up again. "C'mon, easy fingers, now, Kate, please? You've done this enough before, right?" he asks with a wink at the end.

"You're usually not bleeding when I help you out of your uniform," Kate replies, and yanks the rest of the spandex off of him, making him yelp, just because she always likes knocking his swagger down a peg or two.

I'm kind of suspecting, especially with the new series coming out and the popularity of Hawkeye, that Young Avengers is going to be too much for Yuletide next year, so I'm EVEN MORE HAPPY to have received this!! Tommy interrupts a quiet night at Chez Hawkeye2 by showing up with his bleeding brother. This is a really lovely ensemble piece, with special mention for Kate and Tommy's will-they-won't-they dance (Kate likes knocking his swagger down!) and Tommy and Billy snarking; all the found-family feelings!!

with the roses of the may, by [ profile] mtgat
Static Shock
"I was just wondering if you had any notes for me?" The kid's face lit up talking to him, like a puppy. Old guys, came GL's voice in his treacherous memory. Dee-Vice wasn't into him. He had some hero worship going on for one of the older heroes. And of course GL saw it straight through, because Virgil used to play the puppy dog game with him, bounding after the cool heroes and eating pizza in the old Watchtower.

He tried to think of something useful to say, something wise. But all he could think about was going to Burger Fool with Richie, and making fun of Sharon's cooking, and the smell of the hallways in his old high school.

This is Virgil, on heroism and getting older and wiser! It's so hard to take a character who we know as a kid or teenager and then writing them as believably adult while still recognizable as the character the reader knows and loves, and the writer made it look like a breeze here; it's done so well! The voices are fantastic -- I love the little touches of nostalgia and Virgil's initial resistance to being called old, followed by his slow path to acceptance. Also featuring the Justice League fighting GIANT ANIMALS.

If You're Down to Get Down, by [ profile] littledust
Gravity Falls
The Sweaters rehearse in the Mystery Shack, since Stan likes to tell tourists that they're actually chanting incantations to pacify the ghosts. Mabel always takes that as her cue to take a solo on air guitar and shout, "Ghost guitar! Ghost guitar! Rockin' on my ghost guitar!" Soos then joins in with car horn noises until he finds the spooky door key on his keyboard.

Wendy and Mabel and the Mystery Shack crew start a BAND (called "THE SWEATERS"), in the summer after Wendy comes back from art school. This is another fic where sketching the characters as older-but-still-recognizable is done so well, and also it is hilarious. It is so funny, oh my god. The friendships are so wonderful, and Dipper is so horrifically (perfectly) awkward while mooning over Wendy, and I want to be besties with 15-year-old Mabel.

Happy Yuletide, gang! The servers are robust and the Force is with my quest to read the entire archive.

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