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Lexie ([personal profile] sotto_voce) wrote2020-06-26 09:06 pm

lay of the land

Hello! The vast majority of my entries are friends-locked; who wants to read about a stranger's fandom-love, wars with technology (I'm really bad at it, okay??), and shrieking about work? If for some reason the answer to that question is 'me,' feel free to friend me and say hello!

If you would like to be friended back, please drop a line letting me know who you are and where you know me from. I'm always happy to friend back, but I tend not to if people haven't introduced themselves, as I write a lot of things about my personal life and I like to know who I'm talking to!


I have too many social media accounts:
DW: [personal profile] sotto_voce
AO3: [ profile] Lexie
Twitter: [ profile] wakeupnew
Tumblr: [ profile] growingintheweeds / [ profile] do---one (Emmerdale) / [ profile] hockeybest (hockey)

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