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Hello! The vast majority of my entries are friends-locked; who wants to read about a stranger's fandom-love, wars with technology (I'm really bad at it, okay??), and shrieking about work? If for some reason the answer to that question is 'me,' feel free to friend me and say hello!

If you would like to be friended back, please drop a line letting me know who you are and where you know me from. I'm always happy to friend back, but I tend not to if people haven't introduced themselves, as I write a lot of things about my personal life and I like to know who I'm talking to!


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Every year, I'm like, THIS IS IT, THIS IS GONNA BE THE YEAR WHERE I'M NOT THAT ASSHOLE WHO RECS BUT TAKES FOREVER TO COMMENT, and every year, I write the recs first and comments second. Which is to say: I still owe comments for a number of these fics. But I really, really loved them, and I think you would love them too, so you should read them.

Recs in: Hot Fuzz, Hail Caesar!, Ghostbusters, Gladiator by Dami Im, Fantastic Four, Dumbing of Age, Critical Role, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Black Books, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz, and Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. )
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I spent a while trying to come up with a clever post title, and then in the end I just went with capslock and a number. If only I could do the same when trying to write titles for fics... ANYWAY: AND LO, IT WAS YULETIDE, and I once again spent my winter break devouring beautifully-crafted fan fiction! Somehow this is the tenth year in a row that I've participated in Yuletide and done these rec posts, which is fucking wild. Here's to another ten years. ♥

FIRST UP, you need to read my gift, which is the cutest thing in the goddamn world (and which I will screech about in greater detail when I reach the front half of the alphabet): Tidings of Raptor and Joy (Dumbing of Age, Dina/Becky).

Recs in: Zootopia, the Whyborne and Griffin series by Jordan Hawk, The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Star Wars: X-Wing, Singin' in the Rain, Shia LaBeouf by Rob Cantor, Romancing the Stone, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, The Mighty Ducks. )
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Hello, Yuletide author!

Thank you so much for signing up and writing for me! You clearly have A+ excellent taste, so I can already tell: this is going to be fantastic. I'm so grateful that you're writing something for me!! I'm going to include some extra information below, because I'm a longwinded human being (I'm sorry). If you're someone who finds that helpful, read on; if you're not, it's all good! Mostly I yell the words "love" and "delight" and "magic" over and over again. I JUST LOVE THINGS A LOT.

Fandoms: Dumbing of Age, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Star Wars: X-Wing series, Sungkyunkwan Scandal )


Jan. 2nd, 2016 03:53 pm
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I hope everyone had a fabulous new year! I definitely did -- I got to spend it with friends and to go to the Winter Classic (HABS HABS HABS) and Women's Outdoor Classic (ending in a tie was so appropriate), which were A++ incredible. I also had a thoroughly delightful Yuletide -- thanks again to [ profile] zopponde, [ profile] Missy, and [personal profile] kindness_says. ♥

This year, I wrote three fics for Yuletide! I had several more in mind too, but as usual, my eyes were bigger than my time management skills. They'll be for NYR eventually, maybe -- my goal for 2016 is to finish at least a couple of non-Yuletide fics.

Black Flag for [ profile] kiyala (Ballister Blackheart/Ambrosius Goldenloin, Nimona)
When I wander home for [personal profile] littledust (Larissa "Lardo" Duan/B. "Shitty" Knight, Check, Please!)
Jewel of the Indian Ocean for [ profile] Rhea (Fenella Carruth/Pat Merton, Think of England by KJ Charles)

I think many folks on my f-list are already familiar with Nimona and Check, Please!, both of which are thoroughly delightful and I really recommend, so I won't bother evangelizing for them, but now that reveals are done and I can talk about Think of England: oh man, I really loved this book. So did Goodreads, apparently. I wasn't totally sure what I was getting into, at first (I stumbled across this through reading two other people's Twitter back-and-forth, where someone mentioned it in passing as a book she'd liked), and I didn't love the other KJ Charles book I'd tried. BUT THIS ONE, MAN.

I love the early 1900s, Agatha Christie-esque isolated mansion setting, I liked the hero, I loved the love interest (HE'S SO GREAT), and I loved two members of the supporting cast. I devoured the book on my commute one day last month; I hope fellow commuters enjoyed the spectacle of me sitting there silently crying with strangled laughter. I want a bazillion more queer love story books with bonus action/suspense plots. I read it too late to ask for it for Yuletide, but there's always next year!
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I'm so grateful that you're writing something for me!! I'm Lexie, I get very excited about stuff when I love it, and I really love Yuletide. Please take this letter with many grains of salt! It's intended only as supplemental information, in case you find it helpful. You do you, lovely Yuletide writer.

Fandoms: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Check Please!, Nimona, Sungkyunkwan Scandal )
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I was completely panicked for Yuletide this year, thanks to outside factors not at all related to fandom or my awesome recipient, but I wound up writing two fics and being really happy with both of them! Since quitting Glee (ugh), I've felt disengaged from fandom and I've really struggled to get words on the page, so I'm tremendously grateful for the annual kick in the butt that Yuletide provides. Without further ado: REVEALS. Which is probably not much of a reveal; I'm an obvious creature. BUT ANYWAY I WROTE:

إن سرقت، اسرق جمل، وإن عشقت اعشق قمر for [personal profile] ar (Evy O'Connell/Rick O'Connell + Alex O'Connell, The Mummy)
Odd Man Rush for [personal profile] ageorwizardry (Eric "Bitty" Bittle/Jack Zimmermann + team, Check, Please!)

Yelling all the stuff I wanted to yell while writing )

I still need to finish commenting on the stories that I loved, and I want to write thank-you replies to my commenters and also send another note to [ profile] winterhill, the magician who wrote both of my giftfics -- but the archive seems to be down at the moment. I'll get there! In the meantime, happy 2015, everyone. May this year be better than last!
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I was so fucking excited about my Yuletide fics this year that it took me a solid two hours to calm down enough to read them, and then another four hours before I finally managed to put words to paper, in re: how much I love my authors. Then it was 4:30 in the morning. Long story short: THERE WERE TWO "SPARKS NEVADA, MARSHAL ON MARS" FICS THIS YEAR AND THEY WERE BOTH FOR ME, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MEEEEEE

Metamorphosis, by anonymous
"The Thrilling Adventure Hour"
“No,” said Sparks Nevada. “I’m. I’m. I’m— I mean. I am—”

“You cannot bring yourself to say it.”

“I’m— sorry. Can’t say I would’ve been a good dad, because y’all are pretty gross, and knowing my luck we’d’ve had a gross baby.”

“This is not an effective apology.”

Sparks Nevada: WORST APOLOGIZER. This was impossible to pick out quotes for because I am trying to avoid spoiling! But it deals with the fallout of the baby plotline and it somehow manages to be both hilarious and beautifully in-character, and also so, so sad (in the best way!), oh my gosh! I got that feeling where you finish reading, smiling like a goofball, and you're just like, "well I need to lie on the floor and recover for a while now."

For the World is Hollow and Do You Really Need To Keep Touching Me?, by anonymous
"The Thrilling Adventure Hour"
“If I turn around, you may hold onto me from behind as I search for a way out of this vault,” said Croach.

“I ain’t spooning you while you look for a lock.”

“I believe that if I do not find a way out, you may expire from strain due to the heat.” Croach shook his head. “Human biology. So limited.”

Sparks Nevada and Croach the Tracker: reluctant cuddlers. Well, Sparks is reluctant; the jury is out on Croach. This is brilliantly funny and has so many wonderful touches of pitch-perfect TAH humor - it's basically an extended episodic adventure, with added huddling for [temperature]! Sparks Nevada loves paperwork so much, I laughed and clapped all the way through; I DON'T WANT TO SPOIL ANY MORE.

Seriously, though, both fics did an incredible job of pulling from my letter and sinking their teeth into the aspects of "Sparks Nevada" that I love the most; I read them and I knew, these were written with such care for me. Authors, if you're out there, please know that I am so touched (by your offerings of sex pollen cactoids and canon mpreg feelings-talks; god I love this fandom) and so thankful! I am completely obsessed with my presents. Thank you!!!
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Hello, rad person who likes the thing(s) that I do!

I'm so grateful that you're writing something for me! Yuletide is my favorite; I'M EXCITED. I'm going to talk about request ideas, general likes/dislikes, and ramble a bit about what I love about these characters/canons! I'm also going to include some extra info, just in case you're sitting there thinking, 'I'd really like to include [Character X] but what if she hates him??' Please take this entire letter with many grains of salt! You do you, Yuletide writer.

it's the most wonderful tiiiime of the year )
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SURPRISING NO ONE, I am sure, I wrote several things for Yuletide this year! With more time, I would have written out my entire idea for a couple of the treats, instead of glossing over, but, well, it's Yuletide! "With more time" is my wistful guiding mantra.

sleigh bells ring for [personal profile] littledust (narrator/baseball player, "You Belong with Me" - University of Rochester Yellowjackets)
Espresso Yourself for [personal profile] littledust (barista/reading customer, "She Keeps Me Warm" - Mary Lambert)
and we'll never be royals for [personal profile] acerbictomes (Kim Yoon-hee/Lee Sun-joon, Moon Jae-shin, Gu Yong-ha, Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
he ain't heavy for [ profile] notababoonbrandishingastick (Gigi Darcy, Fitz Williams, William Darcy, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries)

details! )


Dec. 25th, 2013 12:32 pm
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I am sitting in front of the Christmas tree, wearing new fleece pants, fleece-lined socks, and a fleecy RED SOX WORLD SERIES CHAMPS sweatshirt. I could not be a happier camper.

You know why else I could not be a happier camper? My lovely Yuletide gift!

At the Veracity, by anonymous
"She Keeps Me Warm" music video, Mary Lambert
Great Expectations smells like ink and fresh paper, when she carefully cracks it open and traces the first lines. “So I called myself Pip, and came to be called Pip.” The paper is a little coarse under her fingertips, just right. Naming and becoming yourself, she thinks, not bad. Carry on, mister Dickens.

When she looks up from the page, she catches the dark eyes of the barista behind the espresso machine and smiles instinctively. The words are out of focus when she looks back down, print blurred over with the impression of that dark tousled hair, the tilt of the eyebrows. May shakes herself minutely, taps her fingers on the book cover and returns to so I came to be called Pip.

I'm pretty sure I whisper-screamed "LESBIAAAAAANS" in delight for like five minutes straight when the archive opened, before then screaming "THIS IS SO GODDAMN CUTE" forever. This was exactly what I hoped for when I made this request!! The tone is so warm and sweet, I want to roll it in for days. The author does a marvelous job of capturing the frisson and excitement of a new crush and of a new relationship, I love it so much!!!

All is right and good in the world! Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate!
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Hey y'all, I'm looking for things to do, for someone with no mobility who has gone deaf. She's home all day and is bored out of her mind, but her eyesight isn't great when it comes to focusing; closed captioning on the TV is too small and moves too quickly, and reading books is out of the question. Computer is a possibility, though she's not a computer whiz and anything that involves a lot of cognitive power is difficult. I know that's a big list of things that won't work, but any ideas would be super appreciated!
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Hello, Yuletide author!

You've received a very easy assignment, in that I'm going to love anything that you write! I'm thoroughly delighted that you enjoy one of these fandoms too, much less wrote a gift for me in it! Yuletide has become one of my favorite winter traditions and I'm so excited. A couple quick things before I really get going here: I know people sometimes wonder whether holiday-themed stories would be cool with their recipients; they'd be cool with me, if you wanted to go that route! Also cool with me if it's something that comes up: inventing/using original characters as needed. And finally: I have a couple of Korean dramas listed, and while I tend to spell names a certain way, I'm totally not bothered by romanizing them in any other way or any spelling. As long as it's consistent, I'm good!

Letter! )